New Hope For 2011

A New Year Brings Signs Of Hope For A Culture Of Life In Rockford. The goal of the Rockford pro-life movement is to save children from the horror of abortion, provide help for mothers in need, and  honor Jesus Christ. Below are ten signs that a culture of life is slowly taking effect in our city.  We still have a long and difficult task ahead of us to ensure protection for all God’s children, but because of the grace of God, many lives are being saved and many souls brought to Christ.

10. Young Pro-Lifers – As abortion supporters continue to grow older, many young people are becoming pro-life.  We have a wonderful group of young Christians who come to the Rockford mill to pray.
9. Turnover In Mill Employees – The Rockford abortion mill has a new receptionist, and at least three other employees left the mill in 2010.  The pressure and stress of killing children in the womb are having an effect on those who kill the children of Rockford.
8. Public Opinion – National polls clearly show the country is turning pro-life.  In Rockford even abortion supporters are ashamed to be associated with this deranged abortion mill.
7. The Abortion Mill Landlord Will Be Held Accountable – In the summer of 2010, the abortion mill was blaring a local radio station over its public address system when a pro-lifer called into the station and made a pro-life plea that was broadcast over the clinic’s own public address system.  One clinic worker who heard it in the parking lot had a fit, and the abortion mill landlord had a melt-down.  He came charging out into the mill parking lot with a chainsaw in hand.
Charges have been filed against Wayne Webster for the chain saw incident, and his trial should take place in 2011.  It’s a positive sign to see this abortion mill finally being held accountable for its deviant behavior.
6. 40 Days For Life – Rockford is preparing for our third 40 days for life campaign from March 9 – April 17, 2011.  The power of prayer has saved countless lives at this mill.
5. Christians Like You Taking A Stand For Christ And Life – We always need more people to pray at the "foot of the cross" at our city’s abortion mill.  You are needed to be that sign of hope.  Please join your Christian sisters and brothers in prayer for babies and their mothers facing harm at the Northern Illinois Women’s Center.
4. Ultrasound = Life – Even if a woman has an appointment for an abortion, but she sees an ultrasound image of the baby within her, she chooses life 90% of the time.  We will continue to do all in our power in Rockford to allow women the choice to see  free ultrasounds of their children within them.
3. The Love And Unity Of Rockford Pro-lifers – Every single day that the abortion mill has been open to kill children for the last 25 years, Protestants and Catholics have stood together offering love and help for mothers in need and prayer for the children facing death.  This will continue until the day this house of death closes.
2. Numbers Continue To Remain Lower Than In The Past – 15 years ago the mill was open for killing three days a week, and as many as 50-70 babies were killed every week in Rockford.  Today they are open two days a week with 15-25 babies killed.  The power of prayer and love will outlast the evil of sin, Satan, and death at the Rockford abortion mill.
1. Jesus Christ  – Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.  He is  our eternal Sign of life and hope.

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