Nine Ways For Babies To Die In A Catholic Hospital

Rockford, Il – ( – 6-17-2014 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – We have posted several articles involving the three abortionists on Staff at Catholic Franciscan Mayo Hospital La Crosse WI..

There are many ways in which one can (even unknowingly) participate in sin. The following is a list of nine ways any of us can participate in another’s sin. The situation of a Catholic hospital participating in abortion breaks all nine of these ways to sin.


1. Counsel: If you tell or advise another person to do something sinful, so that they do it, you have sinned by participation in that person’s sin. When any or all of the three abortionists on staff at this Catholic hospital advise mothers to kill their babies, they are giving counsel to these mothers in the name of a Catholic hospital and by extension the Franciscan Sisters who administer the hospital and Catholic bishop who has the responsibility to maintain Catholic morality in all Catholic institutions.

2. Command: If you have authority over another, and you force that person to commit something which is sinful, while that person might have mitigated guilt, you don’t. It would be reasonable for any mother who is advised to kill her baby by the staff of this Catholic hospital to believe the one advising for the death of the child has authority to do so.A reasonable person could look at this as a command by a medical professional sanctioned and approved by the Catholic Church in a Catholic hospital.

3. Consent: If you are asked if you think a sin is good thing to do and have some power over the situation, and if you permit or approve or yield to the commission of the sin, you’ve sinned. When doctors on staff of a Catholic hospital promote the killing of babies, the Bishop and hospital are by implication giving their consent by granting that abortionist privileges at the Catholic hospital.

4. Provocation: You badger or drive or dare a person to do something such that he does it. When an abortionist has a frightened or confused mother behind closed doors, he can use the authority granted to him by this Catholic hospital to provoke the mother to kill her child.

5. Praise of flattery: Pretty clear. This is another way of prompting a person. The Bishop of La Crosse and the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, by granting three abortionists the honor of being on staff at a Catholic hospital, are heaping praise and flattery on these men who kill babies by telling the world they are worthy of being on staff of a Catholic hospital.

6. Concealment: A person commits a sin, and then you help that person conceal the evidence or the action. Have the Franciscan Sisters or the Bishop made any attempt to make the public aware that they have abortionists on staff so mothers can be warned that they might be advised to kill their children, or do they conceal these facts from people who have a right to know?

7. Partaking: Another person is the principal person involved, but you are right there helping the actual sinful deed. Make no mistake.  The Franciscan Sisters and Bishop by their allowing abortionists to rule the roost at a Catholic hospital are directly partaking in the death of any children these abortions have killed as a result of their affiliation with Franciscan Mayo Hospital.

8. Silence: There is an old adage that “silence implies consent”. If a person with great authority or moral authority is in a position to stop a sin from happening, and yet stays silent and doesn’t get involved, then that may constitute participation in the sin committed. Children are being killed by abortionists who work at a Catholic hospital. Bishop Callahan has not stopped it, and the FSPA speak out loudly about the environment but remain silent about the babies killed by their abortionists.

9. Defense: Pretty clear. You defend or justify or give an apology in favor of the sin committed. The FSPA have continually tried to defend and justify the presence in their Catholic hospital of abortionists who are given free rein to do as they please.

For more information concerning the hospital’s ties with abortion doctors, go to the following link.

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