NIWC is Closed, May We Never Forget

ProLifeCorner- Keokuk, Iowa- By Frank Munda- Northern Illinois Women’s Center is Closed, May We Never Forget.

Dan and Donna Holman recently sent this video to us at the ProLifeCorner. They rote this comment below the video on YouTube which they shot back in 1986 at Northern Illinois Women’s Center (N.I.W.C.) Rockford Illinois.

“ In 1986 Abortionist Richard Ragsdale opened up an abortuary in the old Turner Grade School building in Rockford, Illinois. Those who ministered at this death pit in 1988 were novices. Of all of us, Fr Francis Lawler communicated best.”

I would like to personally thank Dan and Donna for their perseverance, and fidelity to the pro-life movement and all the work that they have and continue to do in defense of God’s babies.

The fact that they took the time and energy to be a witness for life at 10th and Broadway is most gratifying. To be a witness for life at an abortion clinic is a wonderful thing, to lug around the heavy equipment necessary to document the event back in 1988 is greatly appreciated, a specially appreciated by a old videographer like myself.

To watch this video stirs memories in my heart and mind. Memories of friends and acquaintances who have now gone to be with the Lord, but because of videos like this they will not be forgotten.

As Dan correctly pointed out those who came to witness and pray, especially back then were novices. And I know from experience that even right up to the end there were differences of opinions as to how best to approach these mothers who were contemplating abortion, and how best to approach the abortionist, Wayne Webster and his band of ill-informed thugs. These differences don’t mean anything now, because by the grace of God we have won. Let us always rejoice and praise God for this wonderful blessing.

I would like to encourage all of you to go back and look at the video which Dan and Donna have preserved for us. I for one will enjoy seeing some old friends and acquaintances, to hear Father Lawler’s voice once again brings me great joy.

Over the years there have probably been thousands of people who have showed up at the mail to pray. Some like myself less often than I should have. Others almost on a daily basis during their time of involvement. Some were loud, some spoke softly, some never said a word at all, they just walked up and down the sidewalk softly praying or kneeling like Mr. Brady and begging for God’s forgiveness and mercy for the mothers who made the wrong choices, and also praying that the next woman who come around the corner abortion minded would be touched by the hand of God and choose life.

If this video reminds you of someone or something that had touched your heart in a positive way during those dark days please don’t hesitate to leave a comment and share your thoughts with us. May our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ bless each and everyone of you who had the courage and the conviction to stand up in the cold, in the heat, in the rain, and in the snow to bring an to the slaughter at 10th and Broadway.

All praise and honor to you Lord Jesus Christ, Amen

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  1. This video was shot in 1986….the babies murdered on that day would be almost 30 years old, possibly having children of their own if they weren’t murdered.

    God bless these pro-lifers who defended and saved lives.

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