October Is Respect Life Month

October is Respect Life Month when pro-lifers make an extra effort to spread the pro-life message. In most cases, it is a single event at a parish, a Life Chain, a banquet, conference, baby bottle drive, 40 Days for Life etc. We commend these efforts but what happens once these events are over? In most cases, its dead silence until next year!

Fr. Stephen Imbarrato states that “we are all complicit, every one of us in the sin of abortion. Yesterday 3,300 babies died, today 3,300 babies will die and tomorrow 3,300 babies will die. What did you do about those babies? We need to wake up every day and ask, not what can I do, but what more can I do? ” Blessed John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI said that there is no greater work to be done than to defend human life and “woe to us if we fail”.

Is it right to make an extra effort during one month while turning our backs for eleven long months on the little boys and girls who cannot defend themselves? How do you suppose God must feel? How bizarre that animals, plants and mammals have more rights than baby humans.  Anyone caught brutalizing an animal the way a child is brutalized would certainly do jail time.

How can we plead ignorance, when abortion has been the law of the land for almost 40 years?   How can we plead ignorance when we are living in the age of information? How can we plead ignorance when abortion has been the most controversial and divisive issue even before Roe V. Wade. How can we plead ignorance when we stand before an all-knowing and all-seeing God? Better we get this right on this side of Heaven, rather than having to fess-up for our sins of omission!

“Through moral conscience God speaks to each of us, inviting us to defend human life at all times…” Benedict 16th


From Christian Action News

3 thoughts on “October Is Respect Life Month

  1. Just want to shout a word of encouragement to all the pro-lifer. Keep fighting for what is right. Too many pro-abortion arising, but please don’t give up on our value: LIFE. I’m a college student and currently taking an ethical class and abortion is among the topics discuss in class. Sad to see so many fellow classmates speak against pro-life and supported abortion. Not sure how to get them to understand the pro-life view and join hand to advocate for the little innocent ones with us. I pray that God speaks in their hearts and change their minds.
    GO LIFE!!!

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