Oklahoma Abortionist Naresh Patel Arrested

   ProLifeCorner- Chicago-     Eric Scheidler of the pro-life action league in Chicago just gave us some wonderful news, an abortionist in Oklahoma has been arrested and his killing center is closed. Eric had this to say. Last week notorious Oklahoma abortionist Naresh Patel was arrested at his abortion clinic for selling abortion drugs to women who weren’t really pregnant.Since then, racketeering charges have been added to the original charge of fraud. What’s more, several women have come forward with horror stories — even including sexual assault.

What does an arrest like this mean for the pro-life cause?

That’s the question I answer in a new video I just posted to YouTube yesterday. Check it out here:

In the 3-minute video, I spell out five reasons we should celebrate when an abortionist like Patel is hauled off in handcuffs — and what YOU can do to build on scandals like this.

Please take a minute to watch my new video, and then share it with your friends to help spread the word.

Eric Scheidler  –  Executive Director –  Pro-Life Action League-

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