One More Reason Why Rockford's Child-Killing Center Should Never Be Allowed To Reopen

Rockford, Il – ( – 11-22-2011 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – We all know the history of racism, hatred, and bigotry that drives the Northern Illinois Women’s Center.  The frightening, dangerous, and unsanitary conditions that have caused a two-month closing of this abortion mill has also opened the eyes of the people of Rockford to the fact that the Rockford abortion mill is a horrific slaughter house that deeply harms women and kills children.

Below you will see a video of Texas abortionist Curtis Boyd who admits that as an abortionist he is killing children.  He tries to justify what he is doing, but in the end he has just admitted, on video, abortion is the murder of a child.  He also admitted he performed abortions on nine and ten year old girls!  If all this is not enough to repulse you, listen to him say he prays for the baby he is killing!  Life is a gift from God and this gift should never be returned unopened; yet this abortionist mocks God by praying that God will accept this soul back.  What hypocrisy!  God sent that soul into the world for His divine purpose and this person destroys God’s gifts several times a day.  Perhaps his time might be better spent by praying for God’s forgiveness and for his own soul.
We live in a world in which  we have an abortion mill like the one in Rockford that is so repulsive even a liberal state like Illinois has had to shut it down, and we have abortionists admitting they murder babies.  It’s time to end the nightmare of abortion.

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