Open Letter To Rev. Dr. MatthewJohnson-Doyle, Unitarian-Universalist Church

Rockford, IL – ProLifeCorner – 5 22 2011 – (Intro by editor) – Below is an open letter written by the Rockford Pro-Life Initiative to the Rev. Dr. Matthew Johnson-Doyle, the senior pastor at the Unitarian-Universalist Church in Rockford, Il.  The letter is in response to the recent meeting, held at the Unitarian Church, of pro-abortion supporters seeking to further promote the killing of the unborn here in Rockford at the NIWC abortuary. 
Warning:  Graphic pictures are contained within the open letter and are NOT appropriate for young children.

The abortion supporters continue to try to seize the moral high ground and they vilify pro-life citizens when they gather to express their rights through peaceful means.  All citizens must be reminded that what the pro-life community does in these protests is a God-given and Constitutionally guaranteed right to free speech and assembly.  It is corrupt politicians and an ill-informed group of people who are behind these actions.  Through the grace of God we must defeat a biased media and corrupt activists who are sitting in seats of power, i.e. aldermen who are immorally using laws to systematically steal the rights of the pro-life advocates.  For example, using a jaywalking ticket and harassing citizens with the court system, using a parking permit issue to promote their pro-abortion agenda, using their positions of power to try to implement a so-called bubble zone which is nothing more than an attack of free speech and assembly, and a legal system that consistently looks the other way when pro-life citizens rights are infringed upon by pro-abortion supporters.  It is our sincere hope that responsible city officials will say enough is enough and return all rights back to the pro-life advocates and enforce all existing laws equally to those on the right and those on the left.
Below is the letter from the Rockford Life Initiative.
An Open Letter To The Rev. Dr. Matthew Johnson-Doyle, Senior Minister, Unitarian-Universalist Church
Dear Pastor Johnson-Doyle,
In this open letter to you, we are presenting some facts about the Northern Illinois Women’s Center also known as Rockford’s abortion mill.  We are contrasting these facts with information taken from statements you have made as well as other information on the Rockford Unitarian web site
The reason for this open letter is the hope that you will open your eyes to the bigotry and racism publicly displayed in the windows of the abortion clinic building in Rockford for 25 years – that is a very, very long history of the most vicious racism ever seen in Rockford.
The second reason for this open letter is to plead with you to open your heart to the lives of your sisters and brothers in the womb.  Over 50,000 of these children have been brutally killed for profit inside the Rockford abortion mill.
These pictures will ask the questions that many people would like to ask of you regarding your support for abortion, your support for the Rockford abortion mill, and the hosting of pro-abortion planning meetings you allow at your church.
Our prayers for you are included with this open letter, as we hope you will pray for us.  If these prayers are to be authentic they must also include the least of Christ’s people who are murdered by abortion in Rockford. It is our sincere hope that one day you will join us in loving all human beings – including the children facing death by abortion in Rockford.
May God bless you,
The Rockford Pro-Life Initiative


2 thoughts on “Open Letter To Rev. Dr. MatthewJohnson-Doyle, Unitarian-Universalist Church

  1. What I see and hear here is the polarization of both sides in the abortion debate. Pro choice supporters seem to believe un-categorically in the right to privacy and the right of mothers to determine the fate of the fruit of their womb. Pro-Lifers seem to believe that all potential life in the womb is a conscious person and worthy of existence.

    Not even Nature or God believes that. A large number of potential fetuses are spontaneously terminated often before the woman recognizes she is pregnant. Your photos suggest that all abortion decisions murder existing persons capable of consciously feeling pain and of knowing their selfhood. Some scientists have discovered that conscious awareness of self may not fully occur until after a number of years after birth. Many abortions by conscious decision by the parent occur well before the fetus is a conscious human being. As a UU I do not condone murder nor physical or sexual abuse of children; but I also know that sometimes a woman is not capable of nurturing a potential life into full personhood. I believe that life is precious and that at times the exigencies of life prevent a woman extending the privilege of life to a bundle of cells within her body. It is the right of the woman whose body is kidnapped by a fetus to decide whether or not to carry that fetus to term. You should not assume that such a decision is made frivolously; it is a decision made with great anguish and considerable thought on the part of the mother; no one else has any business coercing that woman into continuing a pregnancy or coercing her to terminate that pregnancy. Let us make counseling and life-long support available to all women faced with the agonizing decision of whether or not to continue a pregnancy. Let us try to help those women who are faced with this agonizing decision instead of demonizing either those who have concern for the sanctity of life or those who recognize that such a personal and momentous decision can and should only be made by the persons directly affected.

    EDITOR: I’ve heard a lot of meaningless words in my life but your words take a prize! Pro-aborts want the right to ” determine the fate of the fruit of their womb” If they believe the unborn child is just a blob of tissue or a worthless product of conception, why would they refer to the fruit of their womb? What idiocy.

    “Some scientists have discovered that conscious awareness of self may not fully occur until after a number of years after birth.” Does that mean infanticide is acceptable? God forbid! We have already become a nation that has slaughtered over 55 million of it’s citizens.

    “the woman whose body is kidnapped by a fetus”- The woman has either consented to sexual intercourse or in a very small percentage of cases, has been raped and has conceived a baby. That baby did not kidnap her body-she allowed it to be used and as a result of that action a natural biological event took place-conception. The control of her body begins before she has intercourse. With the exception of forcible rape, the woman has a choice and that is to refuse intercourse unless she is willing to become pregnant and care for a child or give it up for adoption.
    Scientists have shown without a doubt that the unborn baby is a human being from conception through and after birth. They have also shown that this human being can and does feel pain; not years later but immediately.

    We can agree that no one has the right to coerce a woman into having an abortion, but we disagree that it is her choice alone. Look at what’s happening around us today. We are being forced against our will to pay for abortion and birth control by a government mandate. This mandate destroys our freedom to practice our religion and forces us to go against our faith.

  2. The law will not stop every abortion from happening. Pro-life is undignified to the unborn children who are pulled out with coat hangers or beaten to death in back alley abortions because the most humane way we have to reduce unwanted babies is illegal.
    Nazi’s and Abortion Supporters are out of Step with Reality – 8-10-2015 by Annarae – We recently received a comment on an article we put on our site over four years ago. The following comment spurred us to write a response to this statement and update any information on the subject.
    “The law will not stop every abortion from happening. Pro-life is undignified to the unborn children who are pulled out with coat hangers or beaten to death in back alley abortions because the most humane way we have to reduce unwanted babies is illegal.”
    While it may be true that a law against abortion will not prevent every abortion from occurring, the increase in abortions after Roe v Wade has skyrocketed. After 42 years of decriminalized abortion, over 57 million unborn babies have died from surgical abortions. This number does not include the millions of chemical abortions resulting from morning after pills, birth control pills (some of which act as abortifacients) or the infamous RU486.
    To say it is undignified to destroy a baby “pulled out with coat hangers” in back alley abortions is certainly true, but the same gruesome procedure is used in present day abortion “clinics” with supposedly clean surgical instruments. The result is the same. The child is dismembered and removed from the woman’s womb. And how dignified is the process of crushing a baby’s skull and dismembering it during a partial birth abortion? The infants destroyed in this manner are often killed at 8 or 9 months of gestation. Is this humane? I think not! Please, let’s not forget the after effects of abortion on women. They may feel that they have solved a “problem” quickly and easily but they realize their mistake later when they are often besieged with even greater problems such as drug abuse, suicidal thoughts, damage to uterus that result in not being able to carry a baby to term when they decide to have a child, depression, and many other serious results of that “quick and easy” remedy to their dilemma.
    Now let’s talk about the conditions of the abortion “clinics” and procedures. Back alley abortions took place in filthy conditions with so-called doctors who oftentimes had little or no medical background. Decriminalized abortion was to be safer and in clean medical facilities. Do you recall the conditions of Gosnell, the abortionist in Pennsylvania? There had been no inspection of the premises, the rooms were littered with blood, cat droppings, mice and general total filth. Jars were discovered with the bodies of babies he had aborted; parts of the bodies were also in jars and in a freezer. The whole scenario was nothing short of ghoulish.
    Gosnell was only one of many abortionists who plied their ghastly trade in filthy, sub-human “clinics”. In Rockford, IL., the Northern Illinois Women’s Center (NIWC) was finally closed after much work put forth by the pro-life community of Rockford. This mill had not gone under a State of Illinois inspection for over 14 years. Hospitals and medical clinics are subject to regular inspections to make sure patients are cared for under clean and safe surroundings and with well-trained medical personnel. Abortion mills have never been confined to such stringent inspections, so the result is horrific conditions and many times untrained people participating in abortion procedures. The Rockford mill was finally inspected and the findings were appalling! Dirty surgical gloves were strewn about, dirty shoes were found in the surgical glove boxes, equipment that was not maintained properly, sterilization machines that did not really sterilize needed equipment, and so on. The outside of the building, which was a former school building, was covered with black mold, windows were broken in places and the entire place was the stuff nightmares are made from. It actually resembled the killing place in Auschwitz during Hitler’s reign. Underage girls were seen going in and coming out in tears. What kind of hell went on in that hideous building?
    Now that we have realized how evil abortion really is, we learn it is even worse than we ever though it could be. Videos have been brought to light that reveal body parts of aborted babies are being sold! Planned Parenthood has been shown to be an organization that really does not care about women, but cares very much about money! One PP worker discussed, over eating her salad, how she hoped to get many more body parts to sell because she wanted a new Lamborghini. How callous can someone be? And do you remember in an earlier paragraph the “clinic” of Gosnell and all the jars he had ? Now we can see why this monster of a man saved so many parts of the babies. He could sell them for an enormous amount of money. Words cannot be found that adequately describe these people and this organization. The only word that comes to mind is Caligulistic. Caligula was considered the worst of the depraved Roman emperors. Without going into detail here, suffice it to say what PP and their ilk are doing today is right out of his book. The buying and selling of body parts is illegal, yet no one is stopping PP from their disgusting trade. Why? Perhaps it is because over 70% of the people are not even aware of what’s going on in America. The major media has kept strangely silent about this atrocity and yet the death of a lion in the jungle has made headlines all over. When will we wake up to the devastation the abortion industry is causing our nation? When will we stand up and say enough! When will we insist that the government, National, State, and local, stop using our tax dollars, over $500 million, to fund an organization that is killing our country one baby at a time?

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