Our Christian Heroes in La Crosse

LaCrosse, WI – (ProLifeCorner.com) – 4-23-2014 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – A group of Catholics who truly believe in the love of Christ and the dignity of every person are fighting a heroic battle against a Catholic hospital that has at least one abortionist on staff.

This hospital seems to be hiding behind pro-abortion laws, claiming they have to support and protect the killing of children because the law requires them to do so. As far as we have seen, the Bishop of the La Crosse Diocese is playing it safe and not doing much of anything.

If you have ever wondered how we as a people have come to the point where we have murdered 55 million of our own children?  This Catholic hospital and Catholic Bishop are the prime examples. We murder our own children not because of the depravity of the abortion industry but because of Christian people like these who cower and make excuses in the face of babies being murdered.

Please read this article for background information: http://exposemayo.com/

This article is being written to assure the heroic people of the La Crosse area, who are taking a public stand against the murder of babies by a staff member of a Catholic hospital, that Christians all over Wisconsin and America are with them.

Even though the Bishop of the Diocese seems to be paralyzed in the chancery, we see in the pro-life community people who are on the streets defending Christ and life, and we see the true face of courage and love in these people who take to the streets to protect life.

We see Catholics who are keeping the faith in the face of a Catholic hospital that is allowing abortionists on their staff and thus making possible the murder of children.

We know of faithful Catholic Religious who are being persecuted for their stand for life.

The pro-life Christian community of Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin and all the members of Rockford Pro-Life Initiative offer our love and support for the Christians of the La Crosse area as you stand for love and life.

May God bless and keep you strong and faithful in your mission of love, compassion, and goodness while trying to save babies from being killed by some members of the staff of a Catholic hospital and trying to save those who have the responsibility of running a Catholic hospital from having abortionists on the staff who would participate in the demonic murder of the least of Jesus’ people.  (Editor’s Note:  To our knowledge, no abortions are being performed at this hospital.  Our concern is abortionists being allowed privileges at this Catholic institution.)

A series of Masses will be offered in a church in the city of Rome and at a Catholic orphanage in India for the intentions of and souls of all those in La Crosse, Wisconsin who are defending life and love on the sidewalks outside  this Catholic hospital with an abortionist on staff.

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4 thoughts on “Our Christian Heroes in La Crosse

  1. Absolutely well written…God is full of mercy and is full of love.

    I wish Kevin would email the Leadership of the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, with the exact info as he shared here. Who knows where God’s grace will touch.

    You can write to the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, to the Franciscan Bishop, William Patrick Callahan and to, Dr. Timothy Johnson, MD,CEO and letters to the Editor. Pro-lifers, you’ve done this for years..so why stop now? Plus you know/have experienced the ‘power of prayer.”

    God reward you all!

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