Plan To Attend Rockford’s Religious Freedom Rally

Rockford, Il – ( – 10-5-2012 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – You are needed at Rockford’s Religious Freedom Rally this Oct 20th.  Below are just ten of the many reasons to be part of the Religious Freedom Rally to be held at noon on Saturday October 20th, at the Stanley J. Roszkowski U.S. Courthouse, 327 S. Church St., in Rockford IL. 

1. If we don’t pray and take a stand for religious freedom, we will lose it. Bishop Daniel Jenky recently said, As Christians, we must love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us, but as Christians we must also stand up for what we believe and always be ready to fight for the faith.

Hitler and Stalin, at their better moments, would just barely tolerate some churches remaining open, but would not tolerate any competition with the state in education, social services, and health care. In clear violation of our First Amendment rights, Barack Obama with his radical pro-abortion and extreme secularist agenda now seems intent on following a similar path.

2. The attack on religious freedom goes way beyond the HHS mandate. The Obama administration is attacking religious freedom in ways too numerous to list. Here are just a few examples:

Telling churches whom they can hire and fire. (The Tabor Lutheran case)

Altering Church structure and governance. (The Judiciary Committee of Connecticut case)

Christian students on campus discriminated against. (University of California Hastings case)

Christian foster care and adoption services closed down. (Boston, San Francisco, DC, and Illinois cases)

Discrimination against Christian humanitarian services. (Examples to numerous to count)

Discrimination against small church congregations. (The Bronx Household of Faith case)

3. Protecting the poor and vulnerable. Christians through their ministries have always worked to love, serve, and protect the poor and vulnerable. If religious freedom is taken away in America, the poor and needy will be harmed immeasurably.

4. Because Obama is trying to strip religious freedom from all Christians and Americans, this is an ecumenical prayer rally. The attack on religious freedom by the Obama administration has united Christians in prayer and action for the good of all Americans. We need every Christian to defend faith in Christ and all Americans God-given rights to live their faith without threats of government oppression.

5. Standing united against the culture of death. The Obama HHS mandate is the most powerful attack by the culture of death against innocent human life since abortion was legalized in America. If the HHS contraception / sterilization / abortion-inducing drug mandate stands, every person in America will be offered by a government mandate abortion-inducing drugs free of charge- we will have truly become a nation of death.

6. Now is the time to recapture a Christian vision for America. America has lost its way. We have endured an epidemic of broken families and rampant crime and have killed over 50 million children by abortion. And more and more people are turning to the government to pay for the necessities of their everyday lives.

This religious freedom rally will be one step in seeking Gods grace to turn around the decline of our nation and once again base our public life on Christian principles and values.

7. Will you spend one hour with Me? Jesus asked His apostles, Could you not watch one hour with Me? If we won’t stand in public for religious freedom, who will? If we won’t take one hour on October 20 to pray with our Christian neighbors for our country, who will? It is up to us who believe to spend one hour with and for our Blessed Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

8. Wonderful Christian fellowship. Our religious freedom prayer rally is a great way to pray with, meet, and experience the vibrant faith and love of so many Christians from different churches in our area.

9. To protect and defend the Constitution. In the history of America, no politician has attempted to shred the Constitution in the countless ways Barack Obama has. This rally is not only about safeguarding religious freedom and protecting the millions of people who will be harmed by the HHS mandate, but it is also about preserving political justice and freedom for all Americans.

10. Prayer, the most powerful force in the world. We saw firsthand the power of prayer in the closing of the Rockford abortion mill. It took years, but the Christians of Rockford never stopped praying for an end to the killing of children by abortion in Rockford, and God honored those years of persistent prayer by closing Rockford’s killing center forever.

Now we have to persistently and publicly pray that our entire nation is not stripped of religious freedom. We know if we faithfully pray, God will answer in His time and in His way.


Past Rally’s in Freeport: It is important that all our friends, children, and grandchildren hear what these patriots had to say these days, and the world must hear that the tyranny of the Obama administration will not be tolerated.

Video Of Rally in defense of religious freedom, Freeport, IL March 23 2012

Videos from the June 8 2012 religious freedom rally in Freeport, IL




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