Planned Parenthood boasts of close ties with White House


Planned Parenthood boasts of close ties with White House on Obamacare bill
"Just left the White House meeting on women’s health care—they appreciate all the mighty PP supporters speaking up for reform in the states!" PP president Cecile Richards wrote on her Facebook and Twitter accounts recently.

The latest meeting continues an apparently tight relationship between PP and the White House, where Obama administration officials have expressed their full cooperation with and encourage­ment of PP’s stake in the bill.
As Family Research Council president Tony Perkins has point­ed out, PP, America’s largest abortion provider, stands to gain sub­stantially if the legislation includes it as an "essential community provider."  Insurance providers, in order to be certified, would be required to contract with PP under that designation.
Obama appears to be making good on his promise to PP in July 2007, when he assured them that abortion availability played a central role in his plans for health care reform.

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