Please Join Our Small Effort For Persecuted Christians

Rockford, Il – ( – 8-1-2014 – by James – The number of Christians who are persecuted, who lose their homes, have their Churches destroyed and are marked for death by followers of Islam every day is staggering.

In over 50 countries Christians are persecuted and the Western World is mostly silent about these daily vicious and deadly attacks on countless thousands of innocent people.

Most of us feel helpless when we read about or see pictures of these barbaric crimes against Christians and Jews.  

We have a few things we can do locally to help.

1. Commit to pray every day for all people who are persecuted by Islam.

2. Add some form of fasting to our prayer for the persecuted.

3.  Some people scoff at using bumper-stickers to raise awareness of an issue, but with horrors like the killing of the unborn or the persecution of Christians that the national news media largely ignore, bumper stickers can play a small part in keeping these issues in the public mind.   

If you are willing to use a “Pray For Persecuted Christians” bumper sticker please email Kevin at: and we will gladly send you a few.
Would you be willing to share these bumper stickers with your friends or Church?  Please let us know how many you can use.  

We are also in need of donations to pay for these stickers, if you can help please email Kevin.

4. If we have enough interest, a public show of support will be scheduled so we can unite in prayer and as a public witness of our unity and solidarity with all people who are being killed and persecuted for their faith in God.

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