Pro-death Forces Enlisted From Out Of Town

Out Of State Abortionists Combine With Out Of Town Abortion Supporters To Keep Rockford Abortion Mill In The Killing Business 
When the Rockford abortionist, who was arrested for child porn, died of cancer in 2004 no Rockford doctor was willing to take over the Northern Illinois Women’s Center.

Late term abortionist Dennis Christensen from Wisconsin bought the abortion business which is located in a shabby, rundown building in Rockford.  It is to the credit of the physicians of Rockford that not one of them would take over the Rockford abortion mill and kill babies in the womb, even though a lot of "blood money" can be made in this evil business.
What we have also suspected about the few elderly abortion supporters who show up at the mill once in a while has been confirmed; they are from out of town also.  The information below is from a site operated by DuPage County NOW, a small pro-abortion group of 1970’s style bra burners. 
Event: Show your pro-choice support Wednesday 12/29

Time: Wednesday, December 29 · 7:00am – 10:00am

Location: Northern Illinois Women’s Clinic 1400 Broadway Rockford, IL

Created By: DuPage County NOW, Colleen Irene Heflin

More Info: DuPage NOW and McHenry County Citizens for Choice are organizing
pro-choice supporters to be at the clinic in Rockford on 12/29 at 7am.
We ask that you participate if you have the time and please spread the word.

This summer, when these elderly radical feminists showed up at the Rockford mill, one of them was praying to her "goddess" while she was on the sidewalk in-front of the mill.  A few weeks ago one of these sad women stated she would have supported the killing of her own grandchildren by abortion.
Please pray that these sadly deluded women, who encourage and promote the deaths of children in the womb and thereby destroy the physical, mental, and spiritual heath of countless Rockford mothers, will have a change of heart.
Here is a link from a McHenry County pro-abortion group filled with lies about Rockford pro-lifers. Lies are the stock and trade of the abortion industry.  
Two Video’s of interest

The Train To Auschwitz Passes Through Rockford This Christmas


A Pro-Lifer Asks Abortion Supporters Questions In Rockford

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