Pro-Life Billboards Popping up in Freeport Area

ProLifeCorner – Freeport, Il – 4-22-2014 – Thank you to everyone who so generously donated funds to our billboard project.  Our latest billboard was put in place on Pearl City Road, Freeport, just before Easter and it looks great.  A special thank you to Terry Gogel and Gary Young for all their work in raising funds and lining up locations.  Great job, guys. 

Also a heartfelt thanks to Pastor Kurt Strong of the Bible Community Church who has allowed our sign to be on his property for over twenty-five years.  We know many people have seen the various signs and have been touched by them. This location is extremely important because Highland community college is less than a half-mile down the road. Young people under way to school cannot help but read the positive pro-life message and offer of help.

We would also like to thank Father Timothy Barr, pastor of St. Joseph and St. Mary’s parishes in Freeport for allowing us to place a pro-life sign on the west edge of St. Joseph’s Church property.

Cherry Signs of Freeport did a wonderful job printing  and installing the billboard.  We are so grateful to them for their labors.  The sign, along with the other three that are already in place, should last about ten years.

These signs have already generated calls to the Freeport Pregnancy Center. If just one baby’s life has been spared because his/her mother saw one of these signs and asked for help, then all the efforts put into this project will have been successful.

The signs are a joint effort of the Knights of Columbus, the Freeport Catholic Churches, Stephenson County right to Life, and the many donors who have contributed to our project.

We are currently looking into a double-sided 8×12 foot sign to be located on some property, owned by Aquin Central Catholic High School, on Business Highway 20.

We are also looking for property owners along busy roads who might be interested in allowing us to place a positive pro-life billboard at their location. We are not necessarily limited to Stephenson County. For example, if someone had property in Winnebago County we would place a sign on their property but have the telephone number to the Rockford area pregnancy center.

Please drop a note to Terry or Chris for further information.

Terry Gogel Email:

 Chris Munda Email: 

2 thoughts on “Pro-Life Billboards Popping up in Freeport Area

  1. Fantastic! These signs, as well as bumper stickers, brochures placed in waiting rooms, and other simple testimonies to the sanctity of life really do touch people. Don’t stop now-place more signs wherever you can. God Bless.

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