Pro-Life Christians-Heroes For The Pre-Born  January  2013 Welcome to our Book Corner.  Our thought is to recommend books we have read and enjoyed in the hope you will do the same. There are so many books to chose from it’s hard to pick our first review, but we’ve chosen a book written by a local pro-life advocate, Joe Gulotta. 

Joe has been actively involved in the pro-life movement in Rockford for many years and is not only a fantastic author but a good friend as well.  The book we have picked is “Pro-Life Christians-Heroes For The Pre-Born”.

Joe interviewed several prominent pro-life heroes, among which are Joe Scheidler of the Pro Life Action League, Dr. John Wilke, Carol Everett, Congressman Henry Hyde,

Cardinal John O’Connor, and Rockford’s own Helen Doyle.  Each chapter is an inspiring story of a warrior for life and what they have endured during their war against the pro-abortion forces. Many of the people in the book have gone on to their heavenly reward and are greatly missed by loyal pro-life citizens yet today. Their valiant efforts to save God’s precious unborn will not be forgotten and it is good to read of their trials and get courage from their experiences.  To break down each chapter would be taking away from the pleasure of reading it, so grab a snack, a favorite chair, and begin to enjoy reading about true heroes, not the phony movie star or sports star, but people who truly care about their fellow human beings and risk their life to save them.

Joe’s book is available on line at: Amazon; Better World Books; Catholic Free Shipping, and other sites.

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