Pro-Life School Bus FIRE BOMBED in Rockford, IL

UPDATE- Glenn Beck blog weighs in on this event; see below.   Rockford, IL – ( – 6-15-2012 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – A large school bus, owned by Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Academy, that is well known throughout Rockford for its beautiful pro-life pictures and words asking people to “pray to end abortion”,  was fire bombed on Friday night.  The damage was extensive to the bus as windows were broken in on both sides and fire bombs were thrown inside to cause maximum damage.It has been speculated that this bombing of a pro-life Christian school bus is in retaliation for the closing of the Rockford abortion mill that is located not far from where the school bus was attacked.

It’s interesting that abortion supporters in Rockford not only kill children in the womb but may well have destroyed a school bus used by children as an act of revenge for the closing of their child killing center.


On the day this pro-life school bus was viciously attacked, the Rockford Register Star ran a story about an attack against a building made by a pro-lifer TWELVE YEARS AGO!

They brought up again the story of Fr. John Earl who damaged the Rockford abortion mill in 2000.  Fr. Earl paid his debt to society and has been a model citizen ever since for over a decade, but the Register Star brings up that 12 YEAR OLD STORY again, using Father Earl’s reassignment to a new parish as an opportunity to rehash what should now be a thing of the past  and yet they ignored a current attack- the firebombing of a pro-life school bus.

The Register Star did run a story about another vehicle that was fire bombed in Rockford at approximately the same time the hate crime occurred against pro-life Christians .  Thus it is obvious that fire bombings are newsworthy stories.  It is speculated by some that the non-bus bombing was nothing more than a smokescreen to cover up for the bombing of a Christian school bus.  The pro-aborts will more than likely say there is a mad bomber loose in Rockford.  It will be interesting to hear their spin.

The Register Star again shows it may have a deep and firmly held bigotry towards Christians and pro-lifers by bringing up incidents from 12 years ago and disregarding current acts of terrorism against Christian citizens.   To this day the Register Star has never reported on the many documented hate crimes committed by the Rockford abortion mill and its supporters.   At the time this article is being written, they have completely ignored a hate crime against Christian pro-lifers and an act of violence (firebombing) and arson against school children, yet they want to continue to regurgitate an incident by a pro-lifer 12 YEARS AGO!

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41 thoughts on “Pro-Life School Bus FIRE BOMBED in Rockford, IL

  1. This is sickening. And the fact the Register Star ignores it because they are pro-life children shows us what the Regester Star is really all about.

  2. Hate crime city. Will the police do anything/ Will the Red Star be pressured into running a story? One thing we do know is abortion brings violence, dead babies, and hate.

  3. I had seen that bus parked at the mill and at a religious freedom rally. No wonder the pro-aborts hate it, it was a sign of life.

  4. Since the RRS won’t tell people this I will. Anyone with information about this attack should call Rockford police at 815-987-5824 or Crime Stoppers at 815-963-7867.

    • Well, if the violence escalates, regrettably, the pro-death aisle will regret the day THEY were born. Our innocent children WILL be protected; and by ANY means necessary. Take from this what you will. The devil, in all his forms, must be fought with, dealt with and controlled.

  5. We will pray even harder; we will redouble our efforts; we will not be intimidated; we will glory in the mighty name of Jesus! Especially since evil is so afraid they resort to this… Prayer closed down the Rkfd Abortuary, and it’s obvious prayer is working if we are being persecuted like this! Keep praying = days from now we will hear the results of the Supreme Court decision… Pardon the pun, but that will burn them up!

  6. The only thing that surprises me about this is no one has claimed it was done by the church for publicity. The fact of Rockford’s media bias would dismiss that notion from the minds of us who have frequented 10th and Broadway. Father Earl was prosecuted for less. May the Lord reveal the culprit in order to bring him or her rehabilitation as well.


    • This is a horrible attack. Clearly the forces of evil are active.

      I hope we’ll keep the focus on the fight against evil and responding with love. While it’s true that “Anyone who kills their children is capable of damaging property, or killing a stranger.” that’s true because it’s true of each and every one of us. Each and every one of us carries the capacity for evil within us. It’s only by God’s grace that we remain in love and truth. I hope we will avoid terms like “pro-aborts.” We are faced with great evil. The only thing that will drive that out is great love. “Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.” said Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

      May God’s light shine upon us all, and bring all to the knowledge of His love and truth. May God have mercy on us, and may He protect and keep us from all harm.

      EDITOR: Thanks for your wonderful response. We cannot agree more. Please be aware, though, that referring to these people as pro-aborts is not intended to be slanderous, it is descriptive of peoples position or attitude and is never intended by our site to be pejorative.

  7. Sad but True
    Abortion is not just about the destruction of life within the womb. Our society which now legally destroys nearly a million tiny infants per year in abortion clinics and hospitals across the country (official records indicate over 50 million since Roe vs. Wade) has in effect redefined human life.
    Life in the womb now is not much different than a filet mignon in the grocery keepers’ meat case. It’s something you may have a craving for if you feel like steak for dinner so take it home. If you decide later that you don’t want it and would rather have pizza you can just throw the steak out. That may sound crazy and one would think that you could/should give the steak to someone else who would love to have it. Forget about it! It’s yours; you can do with it as you please.
    The facts are today a new human life in the womb is no longer recognized as a gift from heaven or the procreated fruit of true love. Our president has even described its presence as a “punishment” for making a poor choice. Life in the womb is not treasured by society as its most valuable asset and our hope for the future.
    This society has decided womb life is no life and deserves little consideration and no protection under the law. Some, like our president have “personally” and “legally” determined that even when out of its home in the womb on an abortionist operating table having survived an attempt to be destroyed it must be ignored and left to die since it was “unwanted”. Unlike the unwanted and homeless on our streets these little souls currently have no tin cup or neighborhood shelter or government assistance to turn to for help. When they arrive on the scene or sonogram they aren’t received like illegal aliens and given the benefits of citizenship like the thousands crossing our borders daily. In short, the most helpless of all “life” in our country are the least served by us. They have been disenfranchised, sold if you will, by society edict and left on their own since ownership has been transferred to the womb keeper along with all “rights” for disposal much like the unwanted filet mignon from the meat case at the grocery

  8. I am a prolific letter writer and most of my letters to the newspaper are regarding abortion. Several months ago, a woman posted a letter with the following statement, “Some of us more intelligent women have concluded it would be financially irresponsible to continue spawning those precious, bank-account-draining little cherubs.” I was so appalled by this statement that I sent in a letter which I ended with quotes from Blessed Mother Teresa re: abortion. Because of this letter I received a threatening phone, which, unfortunately could not be traced.

    These are very serious times and we must all stand up for LIFE and to retain our religious freedoms. Remember – Courage is not the absence of fear, courage is the ability to do what’s right, even when we’re most afraid, with God’s Help!

  9. why do the abortion supporters and people like the Register Star hate pro-lifers? It’s clear because pro-lifers defend babies in the womab ant in the womb 2000 years ago cell by cell, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, united himself to our nature and our flesh, Jesus began to develop in the womb of his mother. Within 21 days his first organ appeared. His tiny physical heart began to beat under the heart of his mother. Over nine months he grew and developed as every baby does until at last he was born….His entire life on earth was a revelation of the love of God…”

  10. The spirit that motivates those who advocate the killing of unborn children is evil. Setting fire to an empty bus pales in comparison to the multitude of crimes against innocence committed in our country . However, it does reveal the spirit of those who HATE the message of life. That face is the devil. His name is HATE. He is an entity, a defiled spirit, who is forgotten or unbelieved by man. Unbelief does not make him any less capable of motivating ungodly people. It is the devil who hates humanity, who hates good, who wishes for the destruction of humanity, who is relentless in twisting and turning truth inside out, who cons human beings into hell. He is the deceiver, mastermind of the most heinous of crimes against humanity, while, at the same time, making them appear good, while good is made to appear evil. He hides the slaughter of innocence under the guise of “women`s health.” Pray and fast. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. (Ephesians 6:12) The power of Satan is no match for the power of God, the power of good, the power of love. As Christians we need to remind ourselves of that daily. We have that POWER. It resides in love. The power of God is great. We only have to exercise it. “Do not be afraid” as our late beloved Pope JPII always said.

  11. I’m surprised, it’s usually the pro-lifers that go crazy.

    EDITOR: Thanks for your comment. But what planet are you from? In Rockford, Il and all across the globe the pro-life communities have suffered greatly at the hands of pro-abortion terrorists. Violence against pro-lifers is well documented but not in the secular media. For example: one day last year at Northern Illinois Women’s Center in Rockford, Il, the police confiscated $700 worth of pro-life signs from peaceful demonstrators; within the same hour the pro-aborts kidnapped a young Hispanic girl right out her cab as she headed to have the free ultrasound offered by pro-lifers. They forced her into the mill for an abortion. This happened right under the eyes of the Rockford police department. Within that same hour a Rockford police officer hit a pro-life advocate with his police car! Police surveillance videos prove the officer was at fault. Remember all this happened in just one day of violence against the pro-life community. There are many more examples in Rockford alone but time does not permit.
    Go back and read our archives-every example of violence against a pro-lifer can be documented in court.

  12. The pro-aborts are just mad the Rockford mill is no longer killing babies.

    When you support baby murder fire bombing a bus is no big deal.

  13. It’s not enough for Abortionist to have it legal they have to resort to violence which means they realize they are losing the battle
    Violence is the weapon of choice for the impotent. They are attempting to control or influence others by using violence because they realize their influence is slipping away
    Take heart all Pro Lifers any attack shows the enemy is faltering and desperate
    Will keep you all in the Family Rosary God Bless

  14. Wow! I knew it was bad there. My mom was down at the abortion mill every Friday to pray for the babies, women and the people running it. The guy running the place was really out of his mind. The thing that bothers me the most is the behavior of the newspaper. I was a journalist before kids, and this is disgusting to me. Can we at least pretend to have some integrity? It’s nothing more than newspeak anymore.

  15. That is not just anti pro life but it is evil. Why is it that some people think they need to respond to what they don’t agree with in a violent way? Violence doesn’t make them right. They are uncivilized and disgusting for acting that way.

  16. Mostly, the people who do these things are angry cowards who are projecting their anger onto pro-lifers, because at least deep down they know that abortion is wrong…& the pro-lifers are a reminder to them that many people believe/know that abortion is wrong. Of course, the devil is angry since lives are being saved & he uses people. We pro-lifers on the sidewalk, often hear great fussing, cursing, threats, etc. whenever it seems that the devil is most angry at us. We’ve gotten so used to this, that we’ve noticed a wonderful pattern. The MOST fussing seems to happen right around when a woman is changing her mind & choosing life for her baby! When we notice the fussing, nasty comments, etc., we get excited, figuring someone is choosing life for the baby! A SAVE! Praise God!
    It reminds me of the true story of Saint John Vianney when he would be bothered greatly by the devil at night & he would note that “tomorrow” he would “catch a Big fish!” In other words, the devil was mad, since St. Vianney was praying for souls, so the devil would fuss right before or when a soul would be coming back to God & His Church….& St. Vianney realized this.
    Also, it seems as if the devil is not only angry about the SAVE right BEFORE we find out about the SAVE…or DURING the SAVE, but also AFTER the SAVE! The devil seems to like to attack in some type of revenge AFTER a SAVE. A few times, after I counseled women & helped them to choose life, on my way home, a rock would WHACK into my windshield. I had 2 broken windshields in 6 weeks time & in addition, I had some dings/mini-cracks in my windshield. When I finally realized the pattern of the SAVE & then the rocks hitting my windshield, I started praying against any & all retribution after each & every SAVE…of the babies. God is good!
    We try to pray before, during, & after our time out in front of the abortion mill. We pray prayers of protection for all of the pro-lifers & our families/pets, & property/vehicles/homes & we use blessed sacramentals. Thanks be to God, we have been blessed with many SAVES & have been given many blessings & have many pro-life friends…a big pro-life family. We are there to help people…to save lives, help families, & help people to know that we are Christians by our love…to save souls. We pray for the people entering & exiting the abortion mill, even those who work there, for the community, the police, the media people, etc…for their conversions & healing.
    Since evil flourishes when good men/women do nothing, we pray that people will NOT JUST talk the talk, but that God will help them to walk the walk & stop making excuses for themselves & saying they are uncomfortable,..esp. since they can’t be near as uncomfortable as those babies being tortuously killed in the womb! Whatsoever you do to the least of my brethren, that you do unto Me. (to Jesus). Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or naked or in prison…? The baby in the womb could be thought of as the least or tiniest of His brethren & can be seen via sona-grams/ultra-sounds. We need to pray for conversions from pro-death to pro-life in our world. Our world would be so wonderful if people would become pro-life! As a pro-lifer, I’ve had the privilege of experiencing the wonderful working of God…amazing, awesome ‘God-incidents’! It’s a true joy to be a pro-lifer doing God’s will. God gives back to us…pressed down & overflowing!
    PRAY, PRAY, PRAY. Please, pray for the conversion of all involved in the culture of death, including those who could do something positive for life, but do not…Pray for the silent people responsible for sins of omission. Pray for the people responsible for crimes against pro-lifers & the babies in the womb. Use Sacramentals. Sprinkle holy salt/holy water around the block/s, around the area, (Rockford), & pray intensely for all…for the area, claiming the land for God. Have prayers of reparation prayed. Offer Masses. Participate in Eucharistic Adoration. Have Catholic Processions with Jesus in the Monstrance. Pray Rosaries. May God richly bless & protect all pro-lifers. :)

  17. Notice the school bus displayed the name of the Sacred Heart Academy. Am I correct that this happened on the Feast of the Sacred Heart? I don’t believe for an instant that it was coincidental. That feast day commemorates the greatest act of love ever known…the saving of our spiritual lives by Jesus. His Sacred Heart contained so much love for us that He suffered torment and agony freely offering up His body for our salvation. The enemy can’t stand the thought of such love. The evil of abortion, an act of cowardice and slaughter, attempts to remove the sacred value of every life. The sacrifice of Sacred Heart of Jesus proved the value of each life in the eyes of God.

  18. PROOF!!!! The media isn’t the NEWS media. They are merely another form of media. In this case they are a bunch of LIBTARDS(which is actually insulting to retarded people who in no manner can or should be held accountable for their ignorance).

  19. Illinois is a corrupt state politically. Our gov’t is against Christianity and now agains most religions and has targeted the Catholics. Sad decline of our great country and our freedom of expression without retaliation.

  20. There should be a police report for this. Why can’t I find it anywhere? No one will believe this exists just because one website says it does, especially one with an obvious bias. And can I really believe that not a single newspaper would cover this story? Surely any sort of bombing would be striking gold for the news that covers it. They’d leave out the fact that the fellow was anti-abort (ED: should read here pro-abort), sure, but why not cover it otherwise? It doesn’t make sense!

    I’m prolife, but there are a lot of trolls out there who would do crazy things for attention. I’m inclined to say this is fake until it can be proven otherwise. Even in these days pictures can lie.

    EDITOR: Apparently you are not familiar with the Rockford media. They have neglected to cover several serious infractions against the pro-life community in Rockford even when they were given solid proof. The police department in Rockford also neglects any crimes against the pro-life community, for example, a peaceful pro-life citizen was physically hit by a police car and nothing was done, no action taken. Therefore it is no surprise that the news media would not bother with the bombing of a Catholic bus with pro-life pictures on it, although they did cover a fire bombing that took place on the same day to a private vehicle, thereby showing fire bombings are newsworthy.
    Many details are not clear at this moment. Interviews are being conducted and we are trying to secure all the facts before our next update. Be assured-this is a REAL event, not some phony attention grabber. We have a reputation for honesty and accuracy on our web site and we will do nothing that would compromise our integrity. We know that one of the local papers did contact the principal of the school for an interview; what and when they print it we do not know. Hopefully something before tomorrow is up. This is a serious act of terrorism against a group of people in Rockford and it should have been treated as such from day one.
    By the way, we’ve been in this battle for a long time. If the Rockford police department is investigating this crime as they should be, their standard answer to us in the past has been-we cannot release a foia request because this incident is still under investigation.

  21. Bossilla,

    The local paper the Rockford Register Star is working a story today. It is a very pro-abortion paper, they even support partial birth baby killing, and covered-up for the now closed and disgraced Rockford abortion mill.

    But even they can’t ignore this pro-choice hate crime forever – but of course every baby butchered by abortion is a pro-choice hate crime and they ignore that.

    EDITOR: Link to Rockford Register Star article posted today, June 18. Please note that they referred to us as an “anti-abortion blog”-they always use their negative spin. For the past several years we have done much work in defense of life issues. Our very name has Pro-Life in it; they just seem to have a problem acknowledging the truth of the pro-life movement and our presence in the world.

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  23. the newspaper has still not figured it out that we the people who it does not represent do and will not buy the paper how dumb are they? the bombing of this school bus for God’s work is news and tells us the prolife movement still needs prayer, support, and protection Winnebago county allowed the abortion clinic to remain in opperation murdering 70,000 babies this is shame and evilness allowed here the newspaper by not thinking that the bus incident is news means they condone the action

  24. Can’t say I am surprised at how the Rockford paper has covered this. It reminds me a bit of how the DBQ Telegraph Herald covered the vandalism done to my mobile home 2 years ago.

    You can read my post on what happened to you as well as media bias in general here :

    EDITOR: We checked out the website “Is Anybody There?” It is well worth your time to click on the link above. These people gave an excellent commentary on the events in Rockford. To Al in Dubuque: Bravo! Job well done. Thanks.

  25. Wow are you people crazy or what? A prolife person shoots doctors to death , no problem. Butyou have ZERO proof this wasn’t a disgruntled church member or employer and this spewage of insanity comes forth. Wow, just wow.

    EDITOR: Wow is right! It’s amazing how you take things off in a different direction. Please look back and remember a few incidents in the past. Just in Rockford alone, a pro-life citizen was struck by a police car and nothing was ever done-just a ho-hum event. No newspaper coverage or even an apology. This was just one of many occurrences of violence against pro-life citizens nationwide. But the point of this article is the firebombing of a Catholic school bus and the complete lack of coverage by the Rockford News media-that is until so many complaints were issued they had to cover the story.
    When they finally did put on an article (over 2 and a half days later), to our knowledge it showed up only on the website, not in the print media. This is not an isolated incident; Rockford Register Star systematically has ignored the pro-life position. If they are your only source of information, no wonder you are clueless on this and all other pro-life issues.

  26. Hi donny,

    We have tons of proof of the violence of the pro-aborts. They murderd thousands of babies in the Rockford mill, had signs in the mill windows celebrating death, attacked pro-lifers in Rockford on many occasions.

    Wow, just wow would be the proper expression when you look into the eyes of a baby murdered by abortion. Abortion = death and violence.

  27. Pro lifers do not save life, they simply kill born children in an attempt to save fetuses that may or may not be alive and may or may not be human.
    You kill born people to save dead fetuses. That is insane.

    EDITOR: Your lack of information and education on the issue of life is pitiful at best. It has been proven that life, a human life, begins at conception. The sperm is alive, the egg is alive, and at conception a new, higher form of life, human life is formed. That’s Biology 101. The article is about the violent, hate-filled terrorist attack against a Catholic school bus used by children. It is your side that has perpetrated this crime against personal property because of their pro-life banners displayed upon the bus. For you to attempt to defend this heinous crime shows your lack of respect for others property, religious beliefs and rights.

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