Los Angeles, CA — Scores of pro-life youth activists with the organization, Survivors, will descend upon the Los Angeles Chinese Consulate (443 Shatto Place), Tuesday, June 26, at 11 AM, in protest of China’s draconian family planning policies and countless human rights abuses, especially the recent arrest of Chinese mother, Feng, and the killing of her seven-month-old preborn child, which caused an international furor after a photo of the beaten mother lying side-by-side with her dead child on a bloody hospital mattress circulated the internet.
Says long-time Survivor volunteer, Melinda, “I can’t believe that a woman could be dragged screaming from her house, and her baby butchered before her eyes, in a global community such as we have today. That our government can stand by to see that kind of human rights abuse and still have regular political relations with the regime perpetuating it, is atrocious.”

“I just want the world to know that this murder represents countless other forcibly aborted mothers,” says Cynthia, 18-year-old Survivor. “This photo has exposed the Chinese government’s violent abuse of their women, and the continued killing of their own children.”

The Survivors stand with them in this endeavor, and we encourage all of you to persevere with us in our prayer and support as these incredible pro-life warriors continue to battle the evil of abortion in their city.


Compelled by the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and our respect for life, the Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust speak out on behalf of over 50,000,000 children lost to abortion in America since 1973.  Dedicated to defending the right to life of future generations, we are engaged in a battle to end America’s genocide. We recognize the urgency of this war, as over 3,000 children die each day in the United States because of abortion.

The Survivors encourage and empower the youth of today as they dare to rise up against the slaughter of innocent children through abortion. We are committed to educating and equipping young activists who have a heart for the pre-born and are willing to be used by God to “Defend those unjustly sentenced to death.” (Proverbs 24:11)

Contact: Kristina Garza, 909.994.1024,


P.O. Box 52708
Riverside CA 92517


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