Purpose Of Al Smith Dinner Is Flawed

Rockford, Il – (ProLifeCorner.com) – 8-15-201`21 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – Serious Problems, And Contempt For Pro-Lifers, Is Being Found At The Al Smith Dinner  An email from an undercover reporter was sent to the Al Smith Foundation on August 6, thanking them for inviting President Obama and calling pro-lifers “stupid” and people who support religious freedom “zealots.”  The email from the supposed abortion approving Obama supporter ends with the words in all caps, “OBAMA RULES!”

On August 13, someone from the Al Smith Foundation email address responded to the email that was mocking pro-lifers and religious freedom supporters with one line expressing their appreciation for the e-mail.

Something appears to be deeply and seriously wrong with the Al Smith foundation.  The same investigative reporter who sent the email from a supposed abortion supporter also sent an email from a pro-life perspective and has received no response.  But the email ridiculing pro-lifers received a “thank you so  much” from the Al Smith foundation.

Combine this email exchange with another email exchange that showed the Al Smith Dinner would welcome the presence (and money) of a radically pro-abortion group and we are seeing a pattern of disregard and even hostility toward pro-lifers.

Any news service or individual who would like verification of the emails posted below can email rockfordnurse1956@gmail.com and copies of both emails mentioned will be forwarded to you with headers intact.

On August 14, we broke an article showing how some people at the Al Smith Dinner are willing to compromise the Church’s teachings on life issues and are willing to allow Obama to use this event as a media propaganda show, thereby aiding him in his bid for re-election.  See our article entitled “Al Smith dinner willing to accept pro-abortion group”    http://prolifecorner.com/al-smith-dinner-willing-to-accept-pro-abortion-group/

Reporters e-mail to Smith Dinner_____________________________________________________________________

On Mon, Aug 6, 2012 at 8:51 PM, Mary Haskell <rockfordnurse1956@gmail.com> wrote:

Dear Cardinal Dolan,

Thanks for inviting President Obama to the Al Smith dinner.  It is putting all those stupid pro-lifers and religious freedom zealots in their place.

 ________Al Smith dinner response on August 13:______

Al Smith Foundation alsmithfoundation@archny.org

Thank you so much for your email, Mary!



8 thoughts on “Purpose Of Al Smith Dinner Is Flawed

  1. Maybe we pro-lifers are stupid for honoring Obama as he is slaughtering babies.

    Obama may rule now but in eternity God rules forever.

  2. you publish very shaky assaults on Cardinal Dolan. It does not help.

    EDITOR: We are not assaulting Cardinal Dolan, we are merely trying to show how he is being used by a very astute politician. The 2004 dinner aided Obama by giving the impression the Catholic Church approved of him by the invitation to the dinner and the opportunity for him to speak. Bill Clinton was not invited because of his stance on partial-birth abortion. After four years of Obama’s attacks on the Church, religious freedoms and pro-life citizens he should not have been invited.
    To read a letter written by Judie Brown of the American Life League follow the link below. She says it best.


  3. Thank you for the clear and insightful reporting again. It is good to know what we are dealing with, I just wish the Cardinal would open his eyes.

  4. Hi Michael,

    I think the Cardinal is a good man but he needs to clean house. The two eamil exchanges this website has reported on shows something is very rotten in N.Y. It doesn’t do anyone (except the baby killers) any good to hide our heads in the sand and pretend this is not happening.

    Thanks pro-life corner for defending truth, the babies, and the Church again.

  5. All faithful Catholics who planned to attend the Al Smith dinner and were blindsided by the invitation to Obama as an honored guest could send a loud and clear message if they stayed home and sent their contribution to the Smith Foundation so the needy could still benefit from their generosity.
    A half empty dinner hall would also put a damper on the perfunctory photo-op that the honorary guest would relish for his re-election campaign.

  6. Every Catholic who was planning on attending this dinner should just not go. The only other choice is to stand up and leave when Obama is introduced.
    Cardinal Dolan looks weak and hypocritical trying to tell us he defends the Church. This wimp invitation is a surrender to the mainstream media and pro abortion people!

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