Reduced Abortions and the Demographic Winter

ProLifeCorner-   By Larry Plachno-   Some of the pro-life groups have been celebrating over announcements that the number of abortions has been declining recently. The researchers and demographers will tell you that the dancing in the streets is unwarranted and at best questionable. What at first appears to be a positive turn in the battle is actually a worsening of the war. The situation is similar to saying that you have reduced automobile accidents by greatly reducing the number of cars on the road.

A major part of this problem is that far too many people concentrate on the effects of abortion while ignoring the cause of abortion and the cause of most of our social problems, which is moral relativism. Since our elected officials, our religious leaders and our pro-life groups all depend on votes or contributions for support, they tend to ignore moral relativism for fear of offending someone. The result is that our society continues to grow more selfish and continues to embrace moral relativism.

The reason behind the reduced abortions is that we are entering what the researchers call a Demographic Winter. We have fewer abortions because we have fewer pregnancies. Our population is not only declining but we have too many older folks and too few youngsters. Because of moral relativism, people are too selfish to share their lives with children and spouses. Babies are prevented through contraception or aborted soon after conception with abortifacient drugs. Since people have embraced moral relativism and moved away from making a commitment to a spouse and family, there is less interest in having children in the first place.

Good and Evil versus Moral Relativism

The people who have done the research will tell us that none of this is rocket science. When faced with an action or decision that could impact other people and society we have two choices. We can be unselfish and do what is best for other people and society. Or, we can be selfish and do what we want regardless of whom we hurt. Putting ourselves first is what causes social problems.

From a Christian standpoint we can point out that God sent His Son to earth to suffer and die to atone for our sins. This not only tells us that good and evil are very important but that some atonement is required for doing evil. It was 2,000 years ago that Jesus Christ gave us two simple commandments: love of God and love of neighbor. We love God when we judge our actions as good or evil. We are a following of Jesus Christ when we are unselfish and “good” means what is best for other people and society.

What has impressed the researchers is that decades of computer reports and statistics on our social problems have endorsed and confirmed the love of God and love of neighbor admonishments of Jesus Christ. How can the basic two premises of Christianity also be the most important factors in eliminating social problems? The answer is that Jesus Christ knew what made society work, even if it took 2,000 years for the rest of us to figure it out.

The answer is that society has the same characteristics as a team. When we work together and help each other, we all come out ahead. However, when we are selfish and adopt moral relativism and do what we want, then we have problems. This selfishness and failure to work together is precisely why our society is having major problems. It turns out that unselfishness is its own reward because people who put others first and work with others tend to be healthier, happier and less likely to commit or be the victim of crimes. Even the insects that live in colonies, such as ants and bees, are smarter than we are because they know they need to work together in order for their society to be successful.

It is a sobering thought that for thousands of generations our ancestors were unselfish and shared their lives in marriage with family and children. Because of this our society survived and prospered. Today, with so many people putting themselves first and being selfish, our society is having major problems.

Conservatives, Liberals and Moral Relativism 

Demographers point to the fact that during the past two Presidential elections, the states with the highest fertility rates voted for conservative candidates and conservative issues while the states with the lowest fertility rates voted for liberal candidates and liberal issues. Liberals tend to have smaller families or no children at all, they are less likely to be married, they are less likely to attend church regularly, and they are more likely to believe in abortion.

There is an increasingly marked dividing line between conservatives and liberals. Conservatives believe in judging their actions and decisions as to whether they are good or evil while liberals believe in using personal opinion while setting aside good and evil. Conservatives believe in being unselfish and accepting the ‘love of neighbor” commandment of Jesus Christ. Liberals believe in being selfish and accepting moral relativism. Hence, to a large extent it can be said that moral relativism and ignoring good and evil is the opposite of Christianity just like liberals are the opposite of conservatives.

These liberals are moving away from God, away from religion, away from community, away from marriage and away from children. Their life revolves around themselves and not around others.  The movement away from the family wage and to equal pay is an obvious move away from families and to individuals.

An interesting side note is that in recent decades, our society has become more polarized as the liberals and conservatives have moved to congregate with their own. Larger families tend to leave the big city for suburbia and rural areas. Single people tend to gravitate towards larger cities where there is some “action.” Families and conservatives are usually found in single-family homes and in areas with low land prices. Liberals are more likely to be found in townhouses or apartments and in areas with high land prices. This is why specific areas can almost always be counted on to vote either conservative or liberal.

The Demographic Winter

Over and above any moral consideration, the Demographic Winter is making major changes in our society. Reaping what you sow is an old saying that is even found in the Bible. However, in our case we need to worry about what we have not sown.

In addition to lower population numbers, we are looking at a disproportionate number of older people but fewer younger people. We have more people who are retired and require medical care while we have fewer younger people to pay for and give that care. All of this is changing our society in ways that may not be good in the long run.

Do not let people mislead you by using population figures. Population numbers are skewed because of older folks who are healthier and living longer. The real number to watch is the birthrate. Reality is that only three percent of the population of our earth lives in an area that still has an increasing birthrate. The other 97 percent of us live in areas with declining birthrates. First World countries have the lowest birthrates – showing that the richer people are the least likely to share with others.

Since it has little immigration, Japan has been one of the countries hit hardest with a low birthrate. In 2011, more adult diapers were sold in Japan than baby diapers. By the year 2040 there will be one Japanese citizen over the age of 100 for every baby born. It is interesting that Japanese leaders realized that the declining birthrate was harming jobs and the economy. Hence, on April 1, 2012 they lowered their corporate tax rate to encourage jobs and business. This change left the United States with the highest corporate tax rate among developed nations and hence the least friendly to jobs and business.

 Western Europe and Russia have both encouraged immigration to make up for the babies they are not having. Both have now said that the resulting multiculturalism does not work. One of the major reasons is similar to why liberals and conservatives can’t get along in the United States: society does not work well when people cannot agree on good and evil.

One of the worst areas is in Western Europe where some countries now have birthrates at only half replacement level. Some of their traditional European populations are contracting by half each generation. Many European cities are dealing with reduced and aging populations as well as too much housing. Some have resorted to converting their now unused schools into retirement homes. Venice, Italy, is already in serious trouble because they now have more tourists than local residents.

At first glance the United States appears to be doing better than most first world countries. However, as we look closer it becomes obvious that those of us born here have a declining birthrate. What holds our numbers up is the higher birthrate from our immigrants – both legal and illegal. It also becomes obvious that the immigrant birthrate is falling faster than those of us who were born here. This does not bode well for the future because no nation has experienced long-term prosperity in the face of a contracting population.

Most new jobs are not created by major corporations but by small family-type start-up businesses. Statistics show that the prime years for an entrepreneur to start a new business is age 35 to 40. Those years are now beyond Roe v. Wade so we have already lost one-third of these potential entrepreneurs to abortion and probably more that do not have families to help them. We also have fewer jobs because we have proportionately more older people who are less likely to spend the energy and take the risk to start a business and more likely to invest conservatively. Hence, we have fewer jobs.

Our Social Security system did not help. At one time people had more children to support them in their old age. With the arrival of Social Security, people began to depend on government and had fewer children. What they failed to realize is that those children were still needed to pay into Social Security to cover the cost of retirement of the older folks. There are increasing concerns over the viability of Social Security because the United State is drifting down to having numbers like only two people in the work force for every retired person.

The famous George Santyana was once quoted as saying: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Researchers are increasingly concerned because a similar decline in marriage, children, family and fertility was observed in the Greek and Roman civilizations before their downfall. It is a little-remembered fact that Caesar Augustus placed a bachelor tax on single men in order to promote marriage and children. In spite of this, the once great Rome fell apart and we entered what came to be known as the Dark Ages.

Marriage and family continues to be the basic building block of society. It is in marriage and family that we learn to work together for the common good of the family, where we learn to put others first, and where we learn to set aside our selfishness. Statistics also show that the best way to raise children is in a family with married biological parents. If people cannot work together in marriage and family, how can they work together in society?

Our Leaders and Moral Relativism 

Much of our trend to moral relativism and selfishness is caused because our leaders tend to appease their followers to gain support and avoid confrontation. Our political leaders have moved away from marriage, families and children in spite of the fact that fewer people mean fewer votes and less taxes coming in. Our religious leaders are afraid to speak out against divorce and broken homes in spite of the fact that these are the people less likely to attend church and support it. Our pro-life leaders wear blinders so they only see abortion and are afraid to offend someone by talking about moral relativism in regard to marriage and the family wage.

This is the season of Advent and the forthcoming commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ. You might want to think about the fact that the baby Jesus Christ came to earth to tell us to love God and love our neighbor. Today, it is obvious that He did this because this is what makes our society work. In my Bible the words are “love your neighbor,” not “love yourself.” If the Christ Child tried to come into our society today would we rejoice with another newborn baby or would we avoid the pregnancy or have an abortion?

An increasing number of people are suggesting that Heaven is reserved for those who put others first while Hell is a place for those who put themselves first. It would therefore be fitting to reward or punish us for eternity by putting us with those who are similar to us. When you greet the Christ Child on Christmas morning, tell him which side you want to be on.

Editors Note:   Larry Plachno is a successful businessman, publisher, author, and composer of an incalculable number of articles relating to family, life issues and associated problems and solutions. This barely scratches the surface of what Larry really is. His love of God, family and country is inspiring.

For years now Larry has shared his writings with us here at the ProLifeCorner and we are truly humbled by his generosity.

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