Religious Freedom / Pro-Life Rally Rockford Illinois

Religious Freedom / Pro-Life Rally Rockford Illinois

ProLifeCorner-  Rockford Il.-

On Monday June 13th, Christians from Winnebago County came together to pray outside of the Winnebago County Health Department that fired Pediatric Nurse Sandra Mendoza because of her refusal to refer mothers to abortion clinics.  This is another attack on religious freedom and human life by government officials who believe they are above the moral law.

This rally had four goals:

  1. It was a sign of faith, love, and trust by Christians in Jesus Christ.
  1. A show of support for Sandra Mendoza.
  1. It was an appeal through prayer and public witness to the Winnebago County Health Department to stop the immoral and deadly practice of sending mothers and children to abortion mills. 
  1. A prayerful and public stand for religious freedom and against anti-Christian bigotry.

We all know Christianity is constantly under attack.  It was a blessing to see these good people stand united in public against those who promote abortion and want to silence the followers of Jesus Christ.

Below is a video of just a few rally participants speaking of their support for Sandra, their love for Jesus, and for a return to a culture of life and love in our country.

A report form WIFR TV

Our Report:  Thank you Sandra for defending CHRIST and Life

See Pictures and text Below our video:

Sandra 730x

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