Rockford 40 Days for Life 2011 Report


Rockford, IL – ProLifeCorner – 4 25 2011 Our third annual 40 Days for Life campaign has wrapped up a very successful effort by many people from around the northern IL, southern WI region.  Many more faith communities came forward to participate, many new people stepped up to pray, fast, stand as a personal witness at the abortion mill, and place signs on their yards to proclaim their commitment to sanctity of life and the need to protect the unborn children.
Although it is impossible to quantify the success, we do know that the number of women who entered the mill during the 40 Days campaign went down by 50%!!!!!  WOW!  We also know for certain that 7 mothers went into the mill area and then clearly told us that they left because they choose life for their baby.  We saw many other cars and couples leave in ways that indicate that they also choose life but we can only guess.  However, when they drive into the parking lot, sit for a long time without leaving their car, and then leave with a smile, it is a pretty good guess that a baby is saved.
COMING TO THE MILL TO WITNESS AND PRAY MATTERS!!! IT SAVES LIVES AND SOULS!!  IT SAVES A COMMUNITY!  Please continue to pray for the little innocents who are gravely threatened by abortion every week.  Please continue to come to the mill personally and stand "in the gap."  Abortions occur on Wednesday and Friday mornings with scared, ignorant, confused moms arriving around 7am and abortions starting to be committed around 8:30 am until about 11 am.  What is a baby’s life worth?  What is your time worth?  Please continue to come and to pray. 
Thanks again for the commitment to life!
The 40 Days for Life Committee

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