Rockford Abortion Supporters Offer Women No Faith – No Reason – No Help – No Hope and No Life

Rockford, Il – ( – 7-27-2011 – by James – In the past few months, numerous pro-lifers have tried to engage abortion supporters who come to Rockford’s abortion mill, in conversation.  Below are ten points that Rockford abortion supporters have been asked, to which they have been unable to respond in a rational way.  We share these points with you in the hope that we can learn how to oppose the moral bankruptcy and deadly harvest of the pro-abortion philosophy.

1. Abortion kills a person – Even the former head of Planned Parenthood said, "Abortion takes a human life."  The scientific proof is clear beyond any doubt that abortion kills a person.  When Rockford abortion supporters are asked about this or shown pictures of children in the womb, they refuse to respond to any questions about the lives of these human beings.
2. Abortion harms mothers – Rockford’s pro-aborts have claimed in public they are "patient advocates."   When pro-lifers have asked them about the scores of independent studies that prove abortion has dozens of harmful and even deadly physical and psycological effects, these "patient advocates" can only talk about their "rights" and ignore the lives and health of women.
3. Abortion turns mothers and fathers into the killers of their own children – Pro-lifers have asked the Rockford abortion supporters many questions about love for children, family, and the responsibilities of parents.  Two of the abortion supporters have responded by saying they would support the "termination" of their own children or grandchildren if that was a "choice" that was made. 
4. No-Choice in Rockford – The main goal of the Rockford pro-aborts is to block mothers from having a "choice" to hear about alternatives to abortion.  They do all in their power at the entrance to Rockford’s abortion mill to stop mothers from receiving any information that would help them make an informed "choice." 
The Rockford abortion supporters believe women should kill their own children without access to information, help, or any other "choices" than dead babies.
5. Guilt – Local pro-aborts have written numerous letters to the local media claiming pro-lifers make women feel "guilty" about abortion.  The fact is pro-lifers offer love and life so mothers do not have to spend a lifetime of guilt regretting the killing of their children.  The pro-aborts’ fixation on the "guilt" connected with abortion betrays the reality that they know deep down, abortion is the killing of a child.
6. 160 million sex selection abortions – This is the one that causes the pro-aborts not only to walk away but to walk away VERY fast.   Pro-lifers consistently ask them about the 160 MILLION female babies that have killed by sex selection abortion simply because they are female.  Nothing in the history of humanity has destroyed as many females as sex selection abortion, and the Rockford pro-aborts have no idea how to respond to this.
7. Abortion is war on the unborn – A pro-abort at the Rockford mill who claims to be against war while standing in public conducting his own war on unborn human beings was asked about the hypocrisy of his position.  He could only respond with anger and finger pointing – not really the "pro-peace" position he claims to support.
8. Horrid conditions of Rockford mill and bigotry of mill staff – When Rockford abortion supporters have been show the signs in the abortion mill windows attacking people with HIV, ridiculing women, and mocking God, their usual liberal beliefs don’t come into play.  The right to kill children in the womb is more important to these "enlightened liberals" than the racism, bigotry, hatred, and squalid conditions that are hallmarks of the Rockford abortion clinic.
9. Ultrasounds – Ultrasounds show a beautiful person in the womb and that abortion is the brutal killing of a child.  Sadly, this is exactly why this group of abortion supporters decided to get involved publicly in this issue.  They have admitted to pro-lifers they don’t want women using the mobile ultrasound and have even used physical force to stop mothers from seeing an ultrasound.
10. Hell – This is the one question that does seem to get a lot of different responses from the pro-aborts that range from acrimony to belligerence. 
The bitter reality is that promoting the murder of children in the womb only makes a soul fit for hell.  The reality that these abortion supporters have no response to this fact may be the greatest tragedy of all.

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