Rockford Blocks Inspection Of Licenses And Physician’s Names At NIWC

Rockford IL, January 23, 2011 – The Northern Illinois Woman’s Center is in one of the most rundown buildings in the city of Rockford.  Rodents have been seen and video taped crawling on the outside of the building and women have reported disgusting conditions on the inside including bio-hazard boxes in the hall ways.  

Combine this with the news out of Philadelphia of an abortion clinic that murdered born and unborn children where conditions inside were so bad it had to be investigated by officials wearing bio-hazard suits.  Because of these conditions Rockford pro-lifers have requested their legal right, according to Illinois Department of Health Regulations, to simply view the licenses and list of physicians inside the Northern Illinois Woman’s Center.
The Rockford city legal department, headed by Patrick Hayes, will have none of it.
Illinois code states:
210 ILCS 5/6) (from Ch. 111 1/2, par. 157‑8.6)
Each license shall be issued only for the premises and persons named in the application and shall not be transferable or assignable. The licenses shall be posted in a conspicuous place on the licensed premises. A placard or registry of all physicians on staff in the facility shall be centrally located and available for inspection to any interested person.
What this clearly means is any interested person has the right to enter an ambulatory surgical treatment center and check to see if it is properly licensed and the names of it’s physicians are clearly posted.
A very simple, straight forward, and common sense law to help ensure ambulatory surgical centers, which expressly include abortion clinics, are at least held to the bare minimum of standards.
This week Rockford pro-lifers requested the right according to the Illinois Department of Health regulations to view the licenses and names of physicians associated with the Northen Illinois Woman’s Center.
This request for our rights under the law were refused by city attorney Hayes.  He is denying and blocking any attempt for pro-lifers to view the documents that according to state law must be posted inside of the Northern Illinois Women’s Center (NIWC) and "available for inspection to any interested person."
Please take a look at the condition of the facility that the city of Rockford is blocking a legal inspection of:
The Root Cause Of The Problem In Rockford
It should be noted that, like in Philadelphia abortionist Gosnell’s murder case, the Philadelphia clinic, as well as Rockford’s NIWC, had gone for many years without a state health inspection; in the case of NIWC, it has been over 14 years.  To our knowledge, Illinois state officials are still dragging their feet on an inspection request launched back in late June of 2010.  (See links below)
We hope we are wrong, but it seems as if the Rockford City Legal Department, headed by Mr. Hayes, more often than not appears to be cooperating with and ruling in favor of the antics and disgusting behavior of N.I.W.C.
To our knowledge, Mr. Hayes appeared to be in favor of the bubble zone law to the point of not dissenting against it.     According to the police, it was the city legal department who ordered the mobile ultrasound out of Rockford; that was followed by the process for receiving a permit for it to return being kept hidden from pro-lifers for a month.  City legal, headed by Mr. Hayes is the department that refused to do a thing about the written threats made by abortion mill landlord Wayne Webster against the families and lives of pro-lifers.   
Mr. Hayes continues to haul through the courts a pro-lifer for simply calling out an offer of help to a mother entering the Rockford abortion mill, while he has done nothing about the abortion mill using an amplified sound system, which has been used for over twenty years, to threaten and intimidate mothers who freely choose to stop and speak to pro-life sidewalk counselors.   It is disturbing and impossible for us to understand the double standards put in place by the mayor’s office, city legal, and the Rockford police department.  In any other part of society these double standards would never be accepted, even for a fleeting moment.  Yet it seems, in Rockford, IL, it is a standard operating procedure. 
In February Mr. Hayes’ office will be prosecuting a pro-lifer for jay-walking.  It’s an interesting case because the pro-lifer was simply following a police officers order to "get out of my sight", so the pro-lifer tried to obey the orders of the police office that had a large skull on his cap and a gun.  When the pro-lifer did what he was ordered to do, the policeman ticketed him – now Mr. Hayes’ office is going after the pro-lifer in court.  Of course that morning Wayne Webster walked back and forth across that same street with a sign calling a pro-lifer’s wife a "Whore" and posting her telephone number on the sign, with no charges being brought by Mr. Hayes office.   Would any city official allow such a sign to be paraded in public if it were their wife who was being slandered?  Heads would roll and charges would be brought immediately, we’re sure.  But, as usual, Rockford, IL city officials continue to treat pro-life citizens
On Mr. Hayes watch, pro-lifers will be prosecuted for offering help to mothers and for jay-walking but there will be no inspection of the licenses in the Rockford abortion mill due to city’s lack of enforcement of existing laws. 
Please respectfully contact these city officials and ask them to allow pro-life citizens to view the licenses and names of doctors at the Rockford abortion facility, as allowed by law.
Lawrence J. Morrissey
(815) 987-5590 phone
Patrick W. Hayes
(815) 987-5540
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