Rockford, IL Gets Attention And Concern From Canada.

Rockford, IL – ProLifeCorner – 4 28 2011 – by editor – A Rockford, IL newspaper declined a guest column opportunity.  We find it difficult to believe that a Rockford paper turned down an article from internationally known writer, public speaker on ethics related to life issues, and blogger Mark Pickup.  The paper missed a major opportunity to do what it is supposed to do, that is to get the truth out to the public and allow the reader to discern what is really going on.  Mark has given the ProLifeCorner the chance to bring you, our readers, his thoughts.  Following is Mr. Pickup’s article:

Dear Editor:
I do not usually respond to municipal matters ― particularly in another country ― but this is an exception. I have been informed that many members of Rockford City Council voted not to allow mothers to see ultrasound images of their unborn children destined for death at the Northern Illinois Women’s Center for abortions. Their action flies in the face of a progressive community where the free flow of accurate information and knowledge are highly prized for the benefit of a well informed public. It’s so egregious to betray these high ideals that I must comment from Canada.
City Councilors Nancy L. Johnson, Carl R. Wasco, Venita Hervey, Leonard Jacobson, Ann Thompson-Kelly, Karen Elyea, Linda McNeely and Bill Robertson all voted to perpetuate ignorance of women considering abortion at the abortuary. A mobile ultra-sound service would allow them to see the humanity of their unborn children prior to abortion. Ultra-sound imaging is an important tool for information when considering so dire and irreversible a decision. It is unfair to women not to provide easy access to all the information. And it is condescending and insulting to think women in crisis pregnancies are incapable of handling the facts.
Decisions should never be made in ignorance; this is illustrated in post-abortion grief. There are millions of women who experience deep regret long after their abortions ― when they eventually discover the true nature of prenatal life.
The above noted members of Rockford City Council voted against giving women needed information. By extension, they voted against the first inalienable human right mentioned in America’s great founding Declaration, and − whether it occurred to them or not − they voted against the principle of universal human rights. Their despicable decision was in favor of ignorance of knowledge, they chose to do it in camera … away from the glare of public scrutiny.
This must not be tolerated by good citizens of Rockford who still believe in full disclosure of information, whether in civic decisions or women about to enter abortion clinics to terminate the lives of their babies. Demand more information not less! Demand that the decision not to provide mobile ultra-sound imaging services at the Northern Illinois abortuary be reconsidered, this time with the cameras running in a public setting.
In closing, I want to congratulate Members of Rockford City Council who supported making ultra-sound imaging available to women considering abortion at the Northern Illinois Women’s Center.
Mark Pickup
North American advocate for
Life and disability issues
Beaumont, Alberta
You can go to Mark’s blog; follow this link:

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