Rockford Life Initiative 9 29 2010

An estimated 22 children were killed inside of Rockford’s abortion mill this past week;     Abortion May be the "Death Knell" for our Society: U.S. Bishop Doran;      It’s Time For The Truth To Be Told In Rockford;     Rockford Abortionist Exposed!;     Bishop Doran letter of September 24, 2010;     Life Chain & Silent No More Event;     A Morning Of Prayer To Honor Our Lady Of Fatima …… 

On Friday September 24, an estimated eight children were killed inside of Rockford’s abortion mill.  With the mobile ultrasound still being kept out of Rockford by the city legal department we had another morning with no saves and with the abortion mill landlord and the woman he has placed on his second floor balcony mocking pro-lifers with some rather disturbing language.
 For three straight hours Christians were at prayer for these mothers who would be wounded by abortion and the babies that would die this morning.
 On Wednesday September 29, an estimated fourteen children were killed inside Rockford’s abortion mill.
The neighborhood in which Rockford’s abortion mill is located has many problems.  This morning as Christians were praying, we saw numerous examples of how this abortion mill is the heart of those problems.
A man who was clearly a pimp came down the sidewalk with "his property", a young girl who looked as if she were strung out on drugs, walking behind him.  The pimps often make their girls walk about ten feet behind them so prospective costumers will know they are selling these young women.
As we know, the abortion mill is ideally located in the heart of the prostitution area of the city.  
But what was so telling this morning was that less than five minutes after the pimp walked by with "his property", an expensive car pulled into the mill parking lot, and an upper middle class, well-dressed man got out of the driver’s seat.
A woman finally emerged from the passenger seat, and as he led her into the building, she was walking about ten feet behind him with her head lowered.
The similarities of how the pimp and this upper middle class man were treating their women were both striking and heartbreaking.
Far from giving women freedom, abortion has taught our society that women are property that can be used with no love or responsibility required and that if a baby comes, that child is property that can be killed.
Rockford Pro-Life Initiative 
The mission of Rockford Pro-Life Initiative is to eliminate abortion in the Rockford area through Prayer, Fasting, Education, and Personal Sacrifice.
Abortion May be the "Death Knell" for our Society: U.S. Bishop Doran
It’s Time For The Truth To Be Told In Rockford
 My name is Renee’ Scrivano, and I am the Regional Coordinator for the north central Illinois area.  My abortion story was “my little secret” for over 15 years.  I could count on one hand those I trusted to know….    Story: _______________________________________________________________________________
Rockford Abortionist Exposed!
The Missionaries to the Pre-born gathered over 100 Christians on a Sunday morning to stand up for Christ and His pre-born children who are facing death.  These faith filled people stood outside the Unitarian church that gives cover to Rockford abortionist Stewart Kernes.  This church is located in Wisconsin……  Story & Video:
Bishop Doran letter of September 24, 2010
Rockford, IL- It is with great respect and pride we post this letter from the Bishop of Rockford regarding recent events involving pro-life citizens in Rockford…..  Full letter:
Life Chain & Silent No More Event
on Respect Life Sunday October 3, 2010
Life Chain starts at 2:00pm at the intersection of  Highcrest Road and Alpine Road in front of Holy Family Church in Rockford. 
Signs will be available to hold during the Life Chain that say “Jesus Heals & Forgives,”
“Abortion Kills Children,” and “Women/Men Do Regret Abortion.”
The Silent No More event immediately follows the Life Chain at 3:15pm at the Peace Plaza on Perryville Road in Rockford.
Come and hear testimonies of women and men who have experienced first-hand the painful lie of "choice". 
This is a wonderful opportunity to show support for your post-abortive sisters & brothers.
A Morning Of Prayer To Honor Our Lady Of Fatima
On Wednesday October 13, Christians will gather at 7:30am at Rockford’s abortion mill
to seek the intercession of Our Lady of Fatima on this anniversary of the miracle of the sun at Fatima
before 70,000 witnesses on October 13, 1917.
We will pray the Rosary, Chaplet of Divine Mercy, Stations of the Cross, and special prayers seeking
the intercession of our Lady of Fatima for the protection of children who are scheduled to be killed
inside of Rockford’s abortion mill this morning.
Please join us rain or shine for this morning of prayer seeking God’s grace for mothers and children in need.

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