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An estimated 32 human lives were destroyed inside the Northern Illinois Women’s Center this past week;     Sunday, March 28, 2010 marked the end of this years 40 days for life campaign;    Good Friday Stations of the Cross and Rosary at Rockford’s Abortion Mill;     Eugenics in Rockford;     Thoughtful, and Challenging Article On Pro-Life Corner;     Tea Party Express on April 6th in Rockford;     Two Pro-Life Victories For Illinois;     FOCA Is Dead……

On Friday March 26, an estimated 17 children were killed inside the Northern Illinois Women’s Center in Rockford.  This year’s 40 Days for Life had amazing life- saving result, but today showed us the work we still have before us as 17 human beings were intentionally killed in Rockford in much the same way human beings were murdered in Nazi Germany or in a Communist Gulag.
A clear example of how abortion is destroying our society is a young couple who drove into the mill.  When sidewalk counselors offered to help the young mother, the man driving turned his radio up so loudly, we could feel the ground shake. After he got her into the clinic, the father of the child came out and offered not to have his own son or daughter killed if the pro-lifers would pay him $30,000.  What a sad commentary on the value of human life!
Thankfully, we have signs of hope. Two courageous and faith-filled women stood at the driveway this morning with "I regret my abortion" signs.  They were beautiful witnesses of love and the healing power of Jesus Christ. 
"there are more things in heaven and earth . . . than are dreamt of in their philosophy"
We have to remember that when a mother arrives at Rockford’s abortion mill, she has already made her mind up to end the life of her child.  She has already spiritually and morally aborted her own baby.  But through the love and grace of Jesus Christ, we have the ability to reach any mother who is even remotely open to truth, life, and love.  We have Jesus Christ and prayer!
Prayer this morning reached the heart of one mother who had an appointment with death for her child………..that appointment was broken.  Because people were praying at this mill, at home, at work, or at Church for life, this child will live.  Because people were offering help to a mother in need,  both mother and child left this place of death alive and well.  Because Christians had faith and answered the call of Jesus Christ, life came out of the shadows of the culture of death in Rockford.
Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.  St. Paul, Phillipians 4: 6-7
On Wednesday March 31, an estimated 15 human lives were destroyed inside the Northern Illinois Women’s Center.  That’s an interesting name for a place that kills children in a woman’s womb.  We saw one mother in the passenger seat of a car this morning curled up into the fetal position and crying as she was driven into this "women’s center."  Another mother was hiding on the floor of the car as her male companion drove her in to end the life of their son or daughter at this "women’s center."
"Like an animal caught in a trap, trying to gnaw off its own leg, a woman who seeks abortion is trying to escape a desperate situation by an act of violence and self-loss. Abortion is not a sign that women are free, but a sign that they are desperate."  Frederica Mathewes-Green
On the sidewalk outside this clinic, we saw many women who were truly there to help.  Two women who between them have over 50 years experience as pro-life sidewalk counselors were present to help any woman in need this morning.  A group of over 20 young people came from a local Church and prayed on the sidewalks for well over an hour and a half.  This group had many young women and men who truly know what it means to love God and neighbor in the image of Christ.
One good note from this morning was that the Rockford abortion mill removed many of the signs and symbols of hatred from the windows of this clinic today.  We don’t know why they did it.  Possibly they have been embarrassed long enough by the hatred they have displayed, or maybe they have a state inspection coming up.
In any case please follow this link to read more about it
Rockford Pro-Life Initiative Newsletter 
The mission of Rockford Pro-Life Initiative is to eliminate abortion in the Rockford area through Prayer, Fasting, Education, and Personal Sacrifice. 
Sunday, March 28, 2010 marked the end of this years 40 days for life campaign.
Dear Friends,
Thanks to all of you for your prayers and hard work that brought many blessing to our city through this years 40 Days for Life.
13 babies were saved that we know of, the number of abortions was clearly lower than usual during these 40 days.  We saw the power of love and prayer.  We experienced Christians coming together to pray and offer help to those in need.
We won’t fully know in this life the full extent of how God used the faith of people like you to save lives and souls.  But at a time according to God’s will, all will be made known. 
May God bless you
Rockford Pro-Life Initiative
( It has come to our attention that the Rockford abortion mill will be killing babies on Good Friday.  Please come and pray anytime between the hours of 7:00am – 10:00am.  God’s grace will change hearts on this day if we are willing to stand and pray "at the foot of the cross" in Rockford where children will be crucified by abortion on this Good Friday in Rockford )
Good Friday Stations of the Cross and Rosary at Rockford’s Abortion Mill
On Good Friday Christians will gather at the "foot of the Cross" in Rockford as an act of love for our Crucified Savior and repentance for the sin of abortion.
At 8:00am on April 2, Christians will join together to pray at a place where Christ has been Crucified in union with over 50,000 babies killed by abortion at Rockford’s abortion mill 1400 Broadway.
In the past few years the abortion mill has been open to end the lives of God’s children even on good Friday.  Please join us as a witness to life and love for Jesus Christ and in solidarity with God’s beautiful children facing their own crucifixion this Good Friday morning in Rockford.
For more information please call Kevin 815-494-0333
Eugenics in Rockford
Please follow this link to read how Rockford’s abortion facility is promoting the killing of children in the womb as an answer to Rockford’s economic and social problems.
Tea Party Express on April 6th in Rockford
Please visit the Rockford Pro-Life Initiative Table That Will Set-up in Davis Park During the Tea Party Express.
We would enjoy meeting all of you, answering your questions, and we have new Rockford Pro-Life Brochures and bumpper-stickes to give away.
(Rockford, Illinois) – March 11, 2010 – Join us for the biggest Tea
Party Express national tour to date. On April 6th at 1 pm in Rockford,
Ill (home state to President Barack Obama and Senator Dick Durbin and
of course Lincoln and Reagan) the Tea Party Express will stop in
Rockford on the Tea Party Express Tour taking the Tea Party message
across the nation all the way to the White House in Washington, D.C.
on April 15th:

"You, the politicians in Washington, have failed We The People with
your bailouts, out-of-control deficit spending, government takeovers
of sectors of the economy, Cap & Trade, government-run health care,
and higher taxes! If you thought we were just going to quietly go
away, or that this tea party movement would be just a passing fad, you
were mistaken. We’re taking our country back!"

This family-friendly rally encourages all citizens who want lower
taxes and less government to participate by bringing their American
flags, patriotic attire, and signs to display the spirit of the
Colonial Patriots of the 1775 Boston Tea Party, which lead to American
Independence July 4th, 1776. Re-affirm your commitment to our
Constitution and our freedoms by being part of this energizing event
on Tuesday, April 6th, 1:00pm, at Davis Park 329

S. Wyman Street  in Rockford.

Guest Speakers include: Adam Andrzejewski Former IL Gubernatorial
Candidate; Denise Cattoni, Coordinator Illinois Tea Party Patriots;
Joe Walsh, 8th Congressional District Candidate, IL; Jim Tobin,
President, National Taxpayers United of Illinois; Zach Oltmans,
President Illinois Conservatives; John Bambenek, The "Put Back
Amendment" Author; Rosanna Pulido, former 5th Congressional District
Candidate, IL, Lex Green, Libertarian Party Gubernatorial Candidate
and William Kelly Former Candidate for Comptroller.

RockfordTeaParty will also have a food drive to replenish the Rockford
Food Pantry Coalition from 1 pm until the Tea Party Express Busses
leave at 4:30. For more information visit

Another Excellent, Thoughtful, and Challenging Article On Pro-Life Corner
 Two Pro-Life Victories For Illinois!
Illinois FOCA is dead for this session and the Illinois’ Parental Notification Law is one step closer to being implemented!
Illinois families had a tremendous victory today when Circuit Court Judge Daniel A. Riley dismissed the ACLU’s legal challenge of the 1995 Illinois Parental Notification Act. Unfortunately, the judge imposed a stay of his decision for 60 days to allow the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) time to file an appeal.  Please keep this parental rights case in your prayers.

For background on this case, click HERE. 

"Today’s ruling represents a great step toward ending underage secret abortions in Illinois. This written decision represents the first time an Illinois court has upheld the Parental Notice Act of 1995 against the ACLU’s challenge," said Peter Breen, executive director and legal counsel at the Thomas More Society. "We look forward to the day that abortion providers are made to respect the rights of parents to know before their daughters are taken for abortions." 

We are very grateful for our friends at the Thomas More Society who filed an amicus brief in this case. 

FOCA Is Dead! 

Another huge victory for unborn babies in Illinois, HB 6205 — also known as Illinois FOCA — failed to advance in time for a vote in the House and was sent back to the House Rules Committee, rendering it dead for this session

Background: HB 6205 would have increase taxpayer funded abortions through Medicaid; eliminated the Abortion Right of Conscience Act; and mandated comprehensive sex education for every student in Illinois public schools — kindergarten through 12. 

Your calls, letters and emails made an impact and forced legislators to remove their support! Thank you!


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