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An estimated 22 children were killed at Rockford’s abortion mill this past week;   A Young Mother Chooses Life;   Silent No More Sunday Oct 4th;   British Doctors Let Premature Baby Born at 22 Weeks Die, NHS Blamed for Death;    Spanish Doctors Will Choose Jail over Committing Abortion;     Rape Victim says God Granted a "Rush of Love" for her Unborn Child Moments before Abortion;    Vigil for Slain Michigan Pro-Lifer Draws Hundreds of Mourners;     Bishop Doran Weighs in Against Obama Health Care Overhaul…..


On Friday September 11, and estimated 8 children were killed at Rockford’s abortion mill.  By 7:15am this morning over a dozen Christians were already praying on the sidewalk in front of the Rockford abortion mill.  Included in this group were two women who have had abortions and know first hand the devastation that follows the "right to choose".  One young woman did drive into the mill parking lot but left very quickly – the presence of so many people in prayer may have had an impact on her.


With the mill being closed on Wednesday of this week and today having fewer thank ten abortions it seems someone inside of the abortion facility is becoming increasingly upset with the Christians praying outside and the lifesaving effect these prayers are having.  In a rather childish attempt to shock the pro-lifers the mill place a picture in it’s window of Jesus giving the pro-lifers the finger and the line underneath "even Jesus hates you."  They also place a sign in the window that says, "No job to big or to Small."  Obviously referring to the mills willingness to kill children no matter the age or size.


It very sad that the people inside a so-called Rockford medical facility think they can shock and scandalize Christian pro-lifers with their hate-filled signs.  As if we didn’t already know just a few feet away from where we are praying children are being murdered in the womb – we don’t need their signs to tell us the evil and death that take place behind the brick walls of Rockford’s abortion center.


On Wednesday September 16, an estimated 14 children were killed inside of Rockford’s abortion mill.

One young mother and her parents came to the mill for an abortion, left, then came back again.  The young mother was fighting an internal spiritual battle for the life or death of her child.  The pro-lifers assembled in small groups and prayed intensely, the abortion mill landlord was on his public address system yelling at them – but finally the prayers, the grace of God, and a mothers instinctive love for her child defeated the evil of the culture of death!

 The young mother and her parents came out and spoke with sidewalk counselors.  It was easy to see she had chosen life by the happiness of the mother and her parents. 


The mission of Rockford Pro-Life Initiative is to eliminate abortion in the Rockford area through Prayer, Fasting, Education and Personal Sacrifice. 






 Rockford Illinois-Sunday, October 4, 2009.  This is “Respect for Life “ Sunday and Silent No More Awarness regional coordinator, Renee Scrivano along with SNMA Wisconsin member, Terri White will hold a SNMA gathering at the Peace Plaza on Perryville Rd in Rockford, Illinois from Noon until 1:30 P.M. 

 This event will be an opportunity for women and men to share their testimonies of pain, regret, and healing after abortion and to hold their "I Regret My Abortion," "I Regret Lost Fatherhood," and "Women Do Regret Abortion" signs.

 Please join the Christian community of Rockford as we come togeather for an end to abortion and the healing of those wounded by the culture of death.  

 For more information contact Renee Scrivano at 815-742-3435 or 



British Doctors Let Premature Baby Born at 22 Weeks Die, NHS Blamed for Death

London, England ( — British doctors are coming under fire for letting an unborn child born just before 22 weeks of pregnancy die. The National health Service, the government-run health system that Congress may replicate in legislation in the United States, is blamed for guidelines disallowing treatment. Sarah Capewell begged physicians to save the life of her tiny son, whom she planned to name Jayden, but they said national guidelines preventing treatment on newborns born so early prevented them from caring for him. Capewell told the London Daily Mail newspaper that doctors refused to see her son, who lived almost two hours on his own without any medical support before dying. She said Jayden (pictured above right) was breathing on his own without any medical assistance and was moving his arms and legs, but medical staff refused to transfer him to a neonatal intensive care unit. The newspaper indicated Capewell said medical staff told her they would have been able to treat her son had he been born two days later. The Nuffield Council drew up the guidelines that are not mandatory but followed closely by doctors and medical workers. The guidelines are based on the belief that unborn children born so early in pregnancy have very little chance of surviving and that any medical care and treatment is futile and a waste of money and resources.



Spanish Doctors Will Choose Jail over Committing Abortion

By Hilary White

September 11, 2009 ( – Dr. Esteban Rodriguez, spokesman for the organization Derecho a Vivir (Right to Life) recently said Spanish doctors are willing to face jail rather than kill unborn children under a new law.


"We are willing to go to jail rather than following a criminal law," Dr. Rodriguez said, "and we are willing to commit the supposed crime of disobedience before the crime of abortion."


Dr. Rodriguez was responding to comments made earlier by Minister of Justice, Francisco Caamano, who said that Spain’s abortion law would not allow doctors the right to refuse to commit abortions.
"We will not kill our patients, nor will we commit a crime against the public health deliberately harming the health of women, no matter how much the Minister of Justice threatens us and abuses his power," the doctor said.


He said the Zapatero government should think about creating "a new level of officials at the ministries of Justice and Equality: fetal executioners." Decrying the government’s "imposed ideology," he recalled that the Spanish constitution guarantees the right of conscientious objection. Rodriguez noted the irony that the new law would shield some doctors from prison for committing illegal abortions while sending others to jail who refused.
"We find the totalitarian intentions of the Ministry of Justice, in conjunction with those of Equality, to be highly troubling. If the former Minister of Justice stirred things up with officials in the judiciary, this one is going to accomplish the same thing with medical professionals," he warned.

Last week, Derecho a Vivir said that the law on abortion proposed by the Zapatero government would make Spain the European country with the least protection for the unborn and pregnant women. The new law, they said, denies women information on the nature of abortion and leaves the unborn totally unprotected. The socialist government’s reform would be much more permissive than the laws in other EU countries, the group said in a study.


"The government’s claim that it is making Spanish law conform to that of other countries in the area of abortion is false. If the Zapatero-Aido bill is passed, Spain would be the exception," the study says.


The reaction to the new abortion laws in strongly Catholic Spain has been remarkable, says Derecho a Vivir. The group is organising a mass demonstration on October 17th. Calling "unprecedented" the number of people signing up for bus transportation to the event, Dr. Gador Joya said they expected it to be "one of the largest in the democratic era," with over a million anticipated participants.

Mothers, the group says, "are entitled to receive all necessary support from society."


"Life always brings joy, hope and prosperity for everyone. By contrast, abortion always generates pain, suffering and trauma difficult to overcome."



Rape Victim says God Granted a "Rush of Love" for her Unborn Child Moments before Abortion

By Hilary White

September 11, 2009 ( – A British policewoman and born-again Christian says it was a sudden and unexpected "rush of love" that in her mind transformed her unborn child, conceived in a date-rape, from "an alien" to a beloved daughter on the day of her scheduled abortion. Miriam Virgo credits God with stepping in to save her daughter’s life.

Now 27, Virgo told her story in an autobiographical piece in Britain’s Daily Mail yesterday, saying that, having come from a devout Christian family, she had never expected to find herself a single mother at 19. In 2001, she had attended a party with co-workers at which she believes her single glass of wine was spiked with a date-rape drug. After the attack and with no memory of that night, Virgo was shocked to find herself pregnant and considered obtaining an abortion.


"Coming from such a Christian family," she said, "I’ve never believed in abortion, but suddenly finding myself pregnant with a rapist’s baby, I looked at it differently." She continued, "I just couldn’t face the thought of the baby being born and looking like Rob [her alleged rapist] – it would be a constant reminder of what had happened."


After "counselling," Virgo said, she was ready for an abortion; but when the moment came, and she was already dressed in the hospital gown, she changed her mind after what she describes as a moment of help from God.


Ultimately, after she gave birth to Kayleigh, now seven, she found that the child did look like her attacker, and she experienced some difficulty bonding. But ultimately she overcame this, saying, "After all, none of this was her fault." A year after her daughter’s birth, Virgo applied to and was accepted by the police force.


She said that when Kayleigh is old enough, she will tell her of the circumstances of her conception, and "I’ll also tell her about the moment I decided to keep her, and how I felt all this love for her, love that is even stronger now."


In another interview, Virgo said, "God knew what my life would be without the girl and he knew what it would be with the girl. I prayed to God and asked for his will to be done in my life."


The so-called "rape exception" is commonly accepted, even by many who are inclined to the pro-life position, as a "compassionate" act for a rape victim. But pro-life apologists refute this, saying that it is neither just for the innocent child who is killed, nor beneficial for the mother.


Stephanie Gray, the head and founder of the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform, told that Miriam Virgo’s story should be one that inspires others to make the same choice in favor of life.


It illustrates, she said, the basic principle of the entire pro-life cause, that an unborn child has dignity and value, no matter what the circumstances of her conception. "If the unborn are valuable because they’re human," Gray said, "then how they come into existence does not change the fact that they are persons with inherent dignity."


Gray illustrated the principle with a hypothetical: had Virgo been married and "had consensual sex with her husband the night prior to her date rape, upon discovering her pregnancy she would not have known the identity of the child’s father."


"Imagine if she hoped it was her husband’s child and carried on with the pregnancy, and only after birth, with paternity test results, discovered the child’s father was a rapist. Would she be permitted to kill the infant then because of the father’s crime? Obviously not. Likewise, we may not kill an unborn child because of her father’s crime."


Gray said that Virgo’s "witness is a powerful example to all people, and that is that we should be other-focused, not self-focused."


"Even amidst her own victimization and deep pain, Miriam chose not to victimize an innocent child."

Brush up on the pro-life answers to pro-abortion slogans here.



Vigil for Slain Michigan Pro-Lifer Draws Hundreds of Mourners

By Kathleen Gilbert

OWOSSO, Michigan, September 14, 2009 ( – The sidewalk outside Owosso High School where pro-lifer Jim Pouillon was shot and killed became hallowed ground for hundreds of pro-lifers who attended a prayer vigil in his honor Sunday afternoon.


Pouillon, 63, was shot multiple times while carrying a pro-life sign in front of the school early Friday morning.  After being taken into custody later that day, suspect Harlan James Drake reportedly told prosecutors that he targeted the locally famous pro-life activist because of his message.


Pro-Life mourners gathered at 3 p.m. Sunday to sing, read from the Bible, and share personal stories from Pouillon’s life.  Notes, balloons, and flowers were piled on the spot where Pouillon stood when he was gunned down.  Many held signs silently calling attention to the gruesome reality of abortion – disturbing images that the veteran pro-lifer exposed so doggedly that he became known locally as "the abortion sign guy."


Daughter Mary Jo Pouillon, who held her father’s bible throughout the prayer service, said her father would have "loved all the attention" that the tragedy drew, not to himself, but to the pro-life cause. 


"He always told me that when he went to heaven that he wanted to go while on the corner saving babies," the 26-year-old told the Argus-Press.  "God heard him."


Miss Pouillon recalled that "a lot of people in Owosso hated my dad" for his pro-life witness.  "They threatened him in all kinds of ways," she said. "We talked about it before, and my father was ready to go for the Lord. I whole-heartedly backed up my dad and every decision he made."


"I do think he died for the cause of Right to Life," Monica Migliorino Miller, director of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society and organizer of the vigil, told The Flint Journal.  "Because of his Christian faith, he stood up and died for the cause of life and for his faith."


As he is believed to be the first pro-life activist killed while witnessing to the cause, Pouillon has been hailed as the "first American pro-life martyr."


Michigan Citizens for Life chairman Cal Zastrow, who called Pouillon the "first American pro-life martyr," said his friend had received numerous death threats over the years.


"This happened weekly to Jim, where people threatened to kill him. … Jim was ready," Zastrow said.


A memorial service is scheduled to be held for Pouillon at Owosso’s Mowen Funeral Home at 1 p.m. Wednesday.



Bishop Doran Weighs in Against Obama Health Care Overhaul

By Kathleen Gilbert

WASHINGTON, D.C., September 15, 2009 ( – Another U.S. Catholic bishop has joined in criticizing President Obama’s health care overhaul, insisting that any such legislation must avoid promoting abortion and urging against the unwarranted expansion of government into the private sphere.


Bishop Thomas Doran of Rockford, Illinois wrote in the diocesan newspaper The Observer last month that the principles of subsidiarity, solidarity, and interest in the common good are indispensable to positive health care reform. Doran advised that health care be treated as "more of a market than a system," and warned against the pitfalls of a government takeover.

"Our federal bureaucracy is a vast wasteland strewn with the carcasses of absurd federal programs which proved infinitely worse than the problems they were established to correct," wrote Doran. 


Doran’s remarks reflect the widespread unrest among conservative Americans that led to a massive grassroots rally on Saturday against the Obama administration’s health care initiative and government expansion. Estimates for the number of attendees at the "tea party" protest on Capitol Hill spanned from "tens of thousands" to well over a million.


The bishop also wrote that, "whatever we do," respect for "all human life from conception to natural death" is the first principle that must be respected in any such bill.


He quoted the warning of the Catholic Medical Association, which has expressed significant concerns over the Obama reform.  The medical group wrote: "The clear historical experience in the United States assures that a unitary, or a single payer, system of health care financing and administration would profoundly subvert the sanctity of human life."


"Modern socialist governments like to control not food but the means to protect and extend life. Some have called the current efforts of our federal government ‘senioricide’ or ‘infanticide,’" wrote Doran. "That perhaps is too severe, but we as Catholics should take care that health care does not morph into life control."


Bishop Samuel Aquila of Fargo, Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver, Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas City and and Bishop Robert Finn of Kansas City-St. Joseph have also criticized the Obama legislation for its expansion of abortion, euthanasia, and government control.



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