Rockford Pro-Life Initiative 5 25 2011

An estimated 21 children were killed inside the Rockford abortion mill this past week;     Jay-Walking Pro-Lifer Update;     Ultrasound / city council update;     Pro-Abortion Style "Wannsee Conference" Held In Rockford;     Open Letter To Rev. Dr. Matthew Johnson-Doyle, Unitarian-Universalist Church;     A Conversation with A Rockford Aldermen?…..

On Friday May 20, an estimated eleven babies were killed inside Rockford’s abortion mill.   A group of about ten abortion supporters arrived at Rockford’s abortion mill to block access to help for mothers in need and to promote the killing of babies.
The two elderly pro-aborts who come about once a month were joined by a group of students from Western Illinois University.
Most of the pro-lifers continued to silently pray throughout the morning, but a few pro-lifers spent two hours trying to engage the abortion supporters in conversation.
One thing became painfully clear.  Not a single one of the people standing in public to promote the killing of children in the womb could give a rational defense of what they were doing, what they believe, or why abortion should be legal.
The best answer one of the elderly abortion supporters could give in response to being shown a picture of a baby murdered by abortion was, "Oh yea, but you support war."  When he was told by the pro-lifer showing him the picture of the baby killed by abortion that he does not support war, all the pro-abort could do was turn and walk away.
One of the most powerful and enlightening moments of the morning was when a mother arrived at the mill with an eight-month-old baby in her arms.  She showed her child to the pro-abortion college students, and a pro-lifer asked them if they would have supported the killing of this eight-month-old child – eight months and one day ago while the baby was still in the womb.
The college students were absolutely silent until one of the girls said something about having a beer when this was all over.
Jay-Walking Pro-Lifer Update – Many of you may be familiar with the story of Rockford pro-lifer Kevin Rilott who is being prosecuted for jay-walking by Winnebago County State’s Attorney Joseph Bruscatto. 
This strange case has already been looked at by four judges and went before a fifth judge on Friday May 20, in courtroom D of the new Justice Center in Rockford.
Now it was hoped we had found a court that might be able to figure out what to do with this case.  Sadly, Judge Lowrey in courtroom D was not ready to make any rulings or decisions on the case so he sent it to another judge and courtroom in June.
The good news is we are getting closer to actually finding a court for this case.  It will be going from courtroom D in the Justice Center to courtroom C, just a few feet away from courtroom D!!!
Many citizens of Rockford are very pleased that our judges and prosecutors and starting to get a handle on this monumental jay-walking case!
We leave this to our readers’ opinions to decide: 
1)  State’s Attorney Joseph Bruscatto refuses to look at a videotape of the bogus jay-walking incident against Mr. Rilott.
2)  The tape proves the actions taken by Mr. Rilott on the morning he was arrested for jay-walking were a direct result of promptly following the orders of a Rockford police officer.
3)   Is Mr. Bruscatto simply and bouncing this case from court to court to exact some kind of penalty on the pro-life community for making life difficult for his fellow Democrats concerning the mobile ultrasound clinic?
Interestingly, the fact that the police officer who issued the bogus jay-walking ticket was suspended without pay for his actions on that morning has not been commented on by Mr. Bruscatto.
Ultrasound / city council updateOn Monday May 23, two members of the Rockford Pro-Life initiative spoke to the city council about the lifesaving service the mobile ultrasound clinic has already provided Rockford.
The city council decided not to vote on a permit process.  The council taking no action on this permit process allows the city / Mayor to continue to grant permits for the mobile ultrasound to continue to help the women and children of Rockford.
Pro-abortion aldermen Karen Elyea hasn’t given up and is still trying to come up with an ordinance or amendment that will block the mobile ultrasound.  Thankfully the longer this process drags on more and more aldermen understand this has all been about aldermen Elyea’s personal pro-abortion agenda. 
Rockford Pro-Life Initiative 
The mission of Rockford Pro-Life Initiative is to eliminate abortion in the Rockford area through Prayer, Fasting, Education, and Personal Sacrifice.
On Wednesday May 25, an estimated ten children were killed inside the Rockford abortion mill. 
Pro-Abortion Style "Wannsee Conference" Held In Rockford
Open Letter To Rev. Dr. Matthew Johnson-Doyle, Unitarian-Universalist Church From The Rockford Pro-Life Initiative 
A Conversation with A Rockford Aldermen?


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