Rockford Register Star Anti-Christian Bigotry On Display Again

Rockford, Il – ( – 5-30-2012 – On Wednesday, May 30, the Rockford Register Star ran a front page story with a large color picture featuring a group of anti-Catholic protesters who are supporting a group of pro-abortion, Sisters.  The Vatican is investigating these sisters for “serious doctrinal problems.”  What is so troubling about this article is the Register Star is again promoting those who support abortion and hate the Catholic Church, while at the same time the Register Star continues to promote abortion  in a favorable way while ignoring critical facts about the abortion industry and it’s supporters.

A few examples:

In April 2012 a rally was held in Rockford in support of the Catholic Bishops in their fight for religious freedom.  This rally was ignored by the Register Star even though it was attended by 1000 people.  Yet an anti-Catholic rally attended by only 20 people from Crystal Lake earned front page treatment.

In May 2012 over 45 Catholic Dioceses and charitable institutions filed a massive lawsuit against the federal government in defense of religious freedom. This may be the most important battle in our lifetime as government attacks religion and religious freedom, but because the lawsuit was issued by faithful Catholics it was ignored by the Register Star.

On May 29, 2012, the very day the Register ran a huge story supporting anti-Catholic protesters, it was announced in the national media that Planned Parenthood, America’s largest abortion chain, was caught coaching women on how to commit sex-selection abortions.  So far the Register Star has kept this horrific news about the planned and tax-funded intentional gendercide of female babies hidden – yet the Register Star finds room to promote a few elderly anti-Catholic and pro-abortion-supporting protesters.

The Register Star does have the right to cover the stories it wants to.  But the Register Star’s continued contempt for faithful Christians makes any clear-thinking person sit up and take notice.  It certainly exposes to the public that the Register Star is not looking out for the public good.  The Register Star is continuing to practice the anti-Christian bigotry and cover up for the abortion industry that allowed the Rockford abortion mill to destroy lives for years in an unsanitary, illegal, and dangerous abortion mill.

The Register Star’s bigotry and biased reporting hurts everyone in Rockford.

9 thoughts on “Rockford Register Star Anti-Christian Bigotry On Display Again

  1. I thought it was rather strange to have a front page story for only 20 people protesting.

    EDITOR: One of our sources said it was really only 13, not 20.

  2. Gendercide, specifically the systematic murder of unborn girls for no reason other than being a girl, is a real and present horror occurring today. When we hear of such of such a thing, we naturally think of China where the limits on child-bearing and the cultural pressure for males has, by some reports, led to an imbalance of male to female ratio as high as 120 men for every 100 women. If you do the math, that is millions of dead girls because they are girls. Millions.

    It was proven by an undercover video that Planned Parenthood is supporting this horrifice pratice of killing girls because they are girls…..and the Register Star is silent.

  3. Thanks for giving us the facts once more. The Register Star is always suspect in my mind when they report things of this nature.

  4. Just wondering if the “nun for choice” is on staff at the Register Star? We know they don’t like Catholics but I’m sure they would make an exception for her.

    Thanks for the excellent reporting again.

  5. This is why we no longer get the RRstar… and members of my family no longer get it and many of my friends don’t get it. Why would you pay to get news when you are not getting the news. The Rockford Register Star is more like a gossip magazine for lefties than a journalistic report of the news. Everyone should get them where it really hurts… their pocketbook.

  6. I know I could get 20 friends to stand at the Cathederal in support of the church.
    Do you think the RRS will put us in the paper……NEVER!

    Only if you attack the church will they cover it.

  7. I believe that the Register Star does what censorship it does to promote tourism and a positive image of Rockford. They likely imagine these protestors to appeal to people from the Chicago area. Visitors, in my experience, are not fooled and end up more troubled by the dissonance between advertising and reality than they would have been if the paper focused on what would actually help Rockford thrive.

  8. I am not surprised about the leftist Rockford Register paper. Its only been good for wrapping garbage for a LONG time.

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