Rockford Register Star Shows Contempt For The People Of Rockford Again

Rockford, IL – ( – 3-24-2012 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – On Friday March 23, a religious freedom rally was held in Rockford attended by religious leaders, political leaders, the head St. Anthony Medical Center, physicians, and representatives of many Rockford schools and organizations.  What was at stake is the possible closing of St. Anthony Medical Center, Boylan High School, Catholic Charities of Rockford, and numerous grade schools if the Obama contraception / abortion mandate stands.

Over 1000 people lined the streets of Rockford to draw attention to the dangers to our community if the federal government is successful in stripping religious liberty from Christian organizations.  This was one of the largest and most important rallies in the history of Rockford.
This rally and others like it in Freeport and Sterling were covered by many other local news outlets.
The Rockford Register Star decided that the possible closing of so many Christian institutions in Rockford was of no importance to them at all. 
The Rockford Register Star determined that when over 1000 Rockford residents make a united public statement concerning the future and welfare of our community, that effort does not even deserve one line in the Register Star.  This is the contempt the Register Star holds for the Rockford Christian community.
On March 23, the day of the religious freedom rally in Rockford, the Register Star did have the time to run a story on the importance of "enjoying daffodils."
Generally, when a public institution like the Register Star fails or betrays the people of their community, it is a good idea to contact them and politely request they take seriously their public position for the common good.  The Register Star has shown such deeply held contempt for Rockford Christians for so long that any attempt to ask them to treat people with fairness or justice in the past has been met with silence.  Below is contact information if you are willing to ask the Register Star to treat the Christians of Rockford with fairness.
Peter Wricker
Doug Gass
Tom Lasley
Or please consider calling Doug Gass 815-987-1358 at the Register Star and asking him why they did not cover the religious freedom rally. 
These phone calls and emails can make a difference. 

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