Rockford Sees The Truth About Abortion– Rockford, Il – 8-15-2013 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative ( RPLI )  – On Wednesday August 14, approximately 50 Christians lined the streets of Rockford at three major intersections to pray and hold pictures that show abortion is the killing of a child.

Some drivers reacted in a positive or negative way but it can’t be denied that every person who saw the truth today now knows the brutality of abortion.


Please join us in our continued prayer and work on behalf of mothers in need, children facing abortion and building a culture of life and love in our world.

WIFR TV Report

RPLI Video:  Rockford Face The Truth 2013

3 thoughts on “Rockford Sees The Truth About Abortion

  1. Based on reading the numerous comments on WIFR, this is extremely effective. The pro-aborts fringe at the sight of these signs and become hyper after seeing them. Everyone else sees what abortion is, perhaps for their very first time.

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