Rockford's Abortion Mill Closed At Least Until January 2012

Rockford, Il – ( – 11-28-2011 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – Attorneys Eva Byerley of the Illinois Department of Public Health and Harold Hirshman of SNR Denton’s Chicago office representing the Northern Illinois Women’s Center told Administrative Law Judge Cynthia Ramirez that a settlement could not be reached because two or three items could not be settled.

A full hearing is scheduled in a court room before a Judge on January 4, 2012, at 9:30am room N 502, 5th floor in the State of Illinois Building 160 N. LaSalle St, Chicago.
Below are a few of the reasons we believe Rockford’s abortion mill has not been able to reopen.
1. The horrible conditions inside the Northern Illinois Woman’s Center have shocked the State inspectors into taking action and the refusal of NIWC to take responsibility for the dangerous conditions found in the mill has made it very clear NIWC doesn’t care about the women of Rockford.
2. The lies and misinformation presented by the NIWC attorneys to the State of Illinois have been easily seen through and proven false – for example;
The quote below is from the Northern Illinois Women’s Center response to the State of Illinois in the legal document they submitted to get back its medical licenses. 
"Finally, Northern acknowledges that neither of its physicians have surgical practice privileges with an Illinois-licensed hospital.  One of its physicians has surgical privileges with a Wisconsin-licensed hospital.  Exhibit C.  Both of its physicians are licensed to practice in the state of Illinois and have practiced safely at this facility for many years.  In addition, Northern has an agreement with a physician who has admitting privileges in Rockford, to provide admissions, if needed.  There is no evidence which suggests that any of these failures in any way endangered the health, safety, and welfare of the patients at this clinic."
NIWC is claiming the State requirements that NIWC must 
* have admitting privileges for its Wisconsin-based abortionists at Rockford hospitals and   
* have a Registered Nurse in the operating room are not needed because as they say in this official court document, "There is no evidence which suggests that any of these failures in any way endangered the health, safety, and welfare of the patients at this clinic."
This  statement is clearly wrong and intentionally misleading.  The words of one of their own abortionists, Dr. Emily Godfrey, which appeared in the New York Times  prove that the abortionists’ not having admitting privileges at a Rockford hospital and NIWC’s not  having a well-educated Registered Nurse who could have handled a dangerous situation could have cost a woman her life.
Here is how Dr. Godfrey describes in the New York Times a botched abortion at the Northern Illinois Women’s Center (go to page 4): 
Quote: "And then one snowy day in 2007, Godfrey had a patient with a serious complication who needed to go to the hospital.  She called the OB-GYN who was supposed to be on call.  He was out of town.  She called Sunni, who told her to get the patient to the local hospital.  But Godfrey had no admitting privileges there, and the doctor on call seemed unwilling to admit the patient.  “She said, ‘How dare you come here,’ ” Godfrey remembered.  She looked down at her salad, her face flushed.
“You were really out there all alone,” Sunni said.  Godfrey nodded. “Yeah, I remember you said that,” Godfrey said.  “And I was like, God, you’re right.” Godfrey called George Tiller, the veteran abortion provider who was later killed at his Kansas church in 2009, to ask his advice.  He told her to call an ambulance and send the patient to the hospital."  Stop Quote
Dr. Godfrey who worked in the Northern Illinois Women’s Center placed a woman’s life in grave danger because
* Godfrey did not have admitting privileges at a Rockford hospital
* the out-of-state medical director of NIWC was no help
* the Rockford physician who they claim was there to help was of no use at all.
This was clearly such a very dangerous and possibly life-threatening situation that Dr. Godfrey had to call all the way to Kansas to try to figure out how to deal with it.  Dr. Christensen, the Rockford mill owner, wasn’t available to help. yet the NIWC claims in its response to the State of Illinois that these situations are of no concern or worry to it at all.
Considering the above evidence, from the mouth of an abortionist who worked in the NIWC, it certainly appears the out-of-state owner and abortionists who run the Northern Illinois Women’s Center do not understand their responsibility to provide the safest possible medical care for the women of Rockford and are willing to ignore or hide the truth to get their medical licenses back – the State of Illinois has seen through these dangerous lies. 
3. The major reason this abortion mill remains closed is the prayers and love that have been offered by Rockford’s pro-life community for over 25 years.
Because of people like you who have never given up helping mothers in need and praying for and defending the unborn facing death the Rockford abortion mills reign of terror over the women and children of Rockford has been exposed to the people of Rockford and the State of Illinois. 


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