Rockford's "pro-choice = no-choice" Group


Rockford, IL. ( – 7-28-2011 – by James – If what is at stake were not the brutal and vicious deaths of children in the womb, the mind-numbing absurdity of Rockford’s abortion supporters would be priceless.

In recent weeks abortion supporters have resorted to physical force to block mothers from having the "choice" to see free ultrasounds of their children in their wombs.
Now the Rockford "pro-choice = no-choice" group has taken the irrationality to new heights.
Julie Thompson, one of the pro-aborts who stands at the driveway of the abortion mill to block mothers from having the "choice" to receive free help or learn about alternatives to abortion, decided to address the City Council on Monday, July 25.
The topic of her address?
To be pro-choice we need to take away from mothers the "choice" to use the free ultrasound at Rockford’s abortion mill.
Her address was as stunning for its sheer hypocrisy as it was for its lunacy.  Even hardened pro-aborts had to snicker when they heard a woman claiming to be "pro-choice" trying to convince the city council to take away the only choice mothers in Rockford have for  free ultrasounds.
In the long run displaying preposterous reasoning like this, in public, shows any rational person that the "pro-choice = no-choice" group in Rockford is in reality just pro-dead-baby.

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