Roger Nilles GoFundMe Campaign

Roger Nilles GoFundMe Campaign

ProLifeCorner- Freeport Il.- By Laraine Hruby-

Maybe a picture’s worth a thousand words, but first-hand experience is certainly worth more than a million! And it has been my good fortune to Roger Nilles 250xknow Roger and Louise and witness parts of their long history of working together to overcome many debilitating and sometimes life threatening health conditions.  Throughout it all, Louise works full-time and has been able to respond to the many ups and downs which require visits to doctors and ERs, stays in hospital and care centers, whatever it takes in order to treat and surmount conditions involving Roger’s lungs, heart, nervous and circulatory systems, and, most recently a vein collapse which resulted in the necessary amputation of Roger’s left leg above the knee.

And if I had to sum it all up in one word, I’d have to say “AMAZING!” 

Yes, AMAZING, that in spite of all these health conditions, their life is not about trials and survival and focus on pains of the past, but about life and love and looking forward with grateful expectation to that special happiness that comes with love – the love of God and others.

Yes, it’s beyond words to describe. Even so, I must mention what stands out the most in my experience of Louise and Roger which is this: whenever they have the slightest opportunity to participate in our faith community activities, they are there together. Dozens of times, I’ve seen Roger come to gatherings when he was alarmingly pale and thin, short of breath and obviously disabled, but he showed up! He shows up (they show up together) because he’s a fighter, a believer, because he’s not done! The other night he was there in a wheelchair at a fundraiser for our Madonna Renewal Center Spaghetti Dinner and he had gained weight and looked even brighter with eyes sparkling and ready to take the next steps to live life to the fullest at every stage! I wouldn’t be surprised at anything that would happen along their journey together, this amazing couple!

What is their most pressing need?

Rogers recent surgery (the removal of a leg above the knee) requires the use of a wheelchair, Roger has no access to the only bathroom/bedroom which is upstairs. Louise and Roger need to have their home modified by installing ramps , any necessary modifications to accommodate installing a bathroom/bedroom downstairs.

Here’s a LINK to see the campaign to help them get their first floor remodeled with a bathroom/bedroom and accommodations for a wheelchair. Read more about this amazing couple Whose Love and Overcoming Spirit is Worth a Million – NO, IT’S PRICELESS! GoFundMe campaign Link at

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  1. We would like to thank everyone who has donated and took the time to read our GoFundMe page thank you and God bless.
    Roger and Louise Nilles

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