Saying one thing LOUDLY…….and doing another

La Crosse WI ( – 7-14-2014 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – The scandalous situation of the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration and La Crosse Bishop William Callahan’s protecting three abortionists on staff of a Catholic hospital is well known. 

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Because of mounting pressure, La Crosse Bishop Callahan issued a statement where he repeatedly tells the world how pro-life he is. Then using other words that sound like action is being taken concerning their baby killers in a Catholic hospital, the Bishop makes it 100% clear he and the Franciscan Sisters will continue to protect and allow three abortionists staff privileges at Franciscan Mayo hospital. These three abortionists will continue to have complete freedom to advise and help mothers kill their babies in the womb.

In this statement Bishop Callahan declares himself pro-life then continues to allow abortionists to have free rein at a Catholic hospital is a classic and deadly, example of saying one thing and doing another. By his actions Bishop Callahan is teaching all Catholics what we do does not matter as long as we say we follow the Gospel.

By his words with no action, Bishop Callahan is saying we can claim to be pro-life and then employ and empower abortionists and give them a platform in a Catholic hospital to advise mothers to crush the skulls and stop the beating hearts of their babies.

Bishop Callahan and the Franciscan Sisters are teaching us:

As long as we saywe love the poor, we can morally employ abortionists who specialize in killing the poor.

As long as we say we believe in the dignity of every human person, we can give abortionists privileged positions in Catholic hospitals to kill persons in the womb.

As long as we say we are against abortion, we can profit from abortion as Mayo Hospital does by employing three abortionists.

As long as we say we follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, we can offer the killers of the least of Christ’s people privileges in a Catholic hospital to kill the least of Christ’s people.

According to Bishop Callahan and the FSPA, this is exactly what we can do…and it is exactly what they are doing to mothers and children while loudly proclaiming to be pro-life.

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