Scandal Involving Purchase Of NIWC Building.

Should The City of Rockford Purchase the old NIWC Building?  Does Bigotry And Hate Pay In Rockford?

Rockford, Il – ( – 2-14-2014 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – Is it moral to enter into a business agreement with publicly professed bigots?  Should the city of Rockford reward the building owner of Rockford’s abortion mill for his 30 years of vicious attacks on the people of Rockford by purchasing his building?

The Broadway district of Rockford is in need of a greater police presence but at what price?  Why enter into a business agreement with a property owner who has used his building to house an abortion mill that killed tens of thousands of babies while he also maliciously and savagely used the building itself to direct hatred toward the people of this community.

 Just a few of the signs that filled the windows of the building at 1400 Broadway.

 From signs claiming the 50,000 babies killed inside the building are a victory over Jesus Christ, to placing a rubber chicken over the body of Jesus on a Crucifix, to attacks on people with HIV, Rockford has never seen any kind of business that was based on this kind of open bigotry and hate.  We must ask ourselves-does this kind of bigotry and hate pay in Rockford?

In addition to the bigotry and hatred shown at this building, we must also consider the deplorable conditions of the building itself.  If politicians fail to do this it should be considered a dereliction of duty on their part.   The building has lacked the presence of a business for over two years, but when it had a so-called medical facility inside, they did not follow health and safety standards as prescribed by existing laws.  Because it was an abortion killing center, Richard Ragsdale who was the original abortionist at this center, had persuaded legislators to create a different set of standards involving abortion clinics.  For example, that building should have had handicap access, elevators, asbestos removal, and hygiene inspections on a regular basis.  Be assured, if the public buys this building the city will be forced to pay for upgrades and asbestos removal, etc..  These are things that should have been attended to over 25 years ago.  The cost of all these necessary repairs and upgrades will run into hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars, a burden that the city and it’s taxpaying citizens could not bear especially during these oppressed economic times.

To demonstrate how bad things are at this location, we refer back to an article we did on November 4 of 2010,  Deplorable Conditions Exposed At Rockford IL. Clinic

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