“Secret Rockford”-A Hit In My Book

ProLifeCorner.com – 2-27-2014 – by Chris –  I recently read “Secret Rockford” and I must tell you, in spite of reading about some of the horrible events that have occurred in Rockford, I did enjoy the book.  One of the chapters was entitled “Of Tragedy and Triumph”  and this could easily have been the title of the book.  There are brief stories of great sadness along with those of great success and triumph.  The horrific murder of children and the mob influence in the city were disturbing to read; however, the piece about a one- on- one basketball game and a young person’s rise from poverty is heartwarming.  The book is well worth the time it takes to read  and you just might learn a lot about the Forest City that you never knew.

Since I am strongly pro-life I quickly went to the chapter that told of Rockford’s Auschwitz, the abortion clinic at 10th and Broadway.  This is obviously one of the darker chapters of Rockford’s history and it reveals the tragedy of the horrific deaths of 100,000 unborn babies.   When you read this account you will see the total dedication and faith of the pro-life community in Rockford.  Regardless of the weather  conditions and the obscene language and conditions of the “clinic” staff and employees, the pro-life citizens continued their prayerful vigil to save lives.  Their fidelity finally was rewarded when the mill was closed by the state in September of 2011 because of the substandard conditions.  You can read in this chapter of those conditions.  The building now stands alone and decaying in an area of Rockford that is one of the most crime infested in town.  Conditions inside the building were so vile and disgusting it would probably be a wise idea for it to be condemned and torn down for the safety of the city. 

This book and in particular the chapter concerning the abortion clinic has generated a passionate response.  We have been told that people have threatened to hold a book burning of “Secret Rockford” because of the abortion issue.  Apparently the pro-abortion forces do not have much, if any, tolerance for any other opinion than their own. I don’t know about you, but when I hear of this Nazi-like censorship it makes me want to go buy the book!  Hope you feel the same way also.

Kudos to Michael Kleen and all who contributed to this book; I highly recommend it.

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