Shake Off The Nightmare By Frank- I was just sitting here in my office thinking what next, after the crushing defeat of yesterday, when I received a note from Eric Scheidler. Many of us in the pro-life movement are very familiar with the courageous work of the Scheidler family.  Eric sent me a link to a comment posted by his father, Joe; a message meant to motivate and encourage all of us, and it does. I cannot think of any family in America who has suffered so much in the defense of the unborn. This family has always been a source of inspiration to all of us. Thank you Scheidler’s for all of your Christ centered work. May God richly bless all of you.

From Eric Scheidler, The results of last night’s elections were certainly a disappointment for those of us who value life and liberty. But I have to tell you how proud I am of the way the pro-life community rallied together over the past year to stand up for the values we hold dear. It’ll be an uphill battle for the next four years as we try to get our message across to the American people, but I’m looking forward to working together with you to get it done.

I also wanted to share my father Joe Scheidler’s commentary on the election.

Seasoned by decades of experience in pro-life and in politics, I think you’ll find his thoughts insightful:

I’ll be in touch soon about our next steps forward. It’s not going to be easy, but it’s the task God’s given us, and I know you’re as determined as I am to do as He asks.

Meanwhile, I ask you to continue praying for me and my staff and all who are working every day to end abortion, in season and out.

Eric Scheidler

Executive Director

Pro-Life Action League


Tel: 630-896-1200


Twitter: .


Pro-Life Action League

6160 N Cicero Ave, Ste 600

Chicago, IL 60646, USA



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