Signs Of Hope At Bruce Rauner Protest

Rockford, Il – ( – 12-2014 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – Two dozen pro-lifers showed up to protest Bruce Rauner’s support for abortion and Planned Parenthood at his fundraising visit to Rockford on Wednesday, June 11.

Many of the Republicans who were going into the fund-raising dinner at Giovanni’s restaurant first walked over to thank the pro-lifers for being there and said if they get the chance they will challenge Mr. Rauner concerning his support for abortion.  Local Tea Party leader David Hale had the chance to speak personally to Mr. Rauner about the pro-life protest.  As usual Mr. Hale defended the pro-life position with clarity and wisdom.


After some reflection a few things stood out at this event that can give us hope. See This:

1. A couple dozen progressives and union members also showed up led by a paid union organizer Edward Sadlowski, AFSCME to protest Rauner.  

The contrast between the pro-lifers and the progressives was very telling.


2. All the signs the progressives held concerned money or money related issues.  All the signs the pro-lifers held had to do with the protection of innocent human life and love for God and neighbor.


3. While the progressives milled around talking, many of the pro-lifers quietly prayed.


4. The progressives arrived after the pro-lifers and stayed only long enough to be interviewed by the local news media.  Within five minutes of the news media putting away their cameras, union members and their progressive supporters had all gotten into their cars and left.


These things may seem insignificant but in many ways they expose the spiritual battle taking place in our country today.  The progressives only seemed concerned with their own monetary gain and political power.  It was the pro-lifers who were defending the poor and helpless, speaking for those who are being led to death, and praying for God’s protection for all people.

It was the pro-lifers who were praying while the progressives were there for the cameras and when the cameras left the progressives faded away; the pro-lifers remained in prayer, as a sign of Christ’s love for every person, and as a Christian force for good that no political, economic, or cultural lie will ever out last or overcome.

No matter if it is a pro-abortion Quinn, Rauner, or Obama; no matter if it is our secular progressive culture of death that places its own selfish economic gains and sexual perversion over the lives of the poor, weak, and innocent; those who love and follow Christ will always stand against them and by the grace of Jesus Christ will outlast and out live, both in history and eternity, those who destroy human life and love.

7 thoughts on “Signs Of Hope At Bruce Rauner Protest

  1. Dear Jesus please help us to be victorious in our fight to defend Thee, to defend life, to defend purity, to defend traditional values, to defend marriage, and the family. Give us Thy Holy Ghost and His Gifts, especially Fortitude! Convert hearts and forgive us. My Jesus mercy!
    Thank You Lord.
    And thank you Kevin.

  2. Those signs tell the story. Abortion is a crime and voting for a candidate who is for abortion is supporting murder.

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