St. Mary’s in Polo Sponsors Pro-Life Newspaper Ad

ProLifeCorner-  Polo Illinois-    Often in the pro-life movement we feel that we want to do something but we don’t quite know what we should do. Sometimes we might have a plan or an idea but we don’t act upon it because we feel it’s just my small church community and we won’t accomplish anything. Larry Plachno and his wife Nancy are members of a very small parish in Polo Illinois. Larry, Nancy, and their friends decided that they would take out a full-page newspaper ad describing the growth of a pre-born baby from conception until the baby is ready to enter into the world. This small band of advocates for life need to be acknowledged for their success in this awesome community minded educational effort. They were able to place the full-page ad shown below in four community newspapers. It should be noted that St. Mary’s is a small parish, and they accomplished quite a bit with just 90 sponsors.

I am placing this on our website for the purpose of inspiring the rest of us to do something similar to or coming up with our own ideas as to how we can educate not only ourselves but the secular community in which we live.

Larry wrote this prior to January 22:

St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Polo is sponsoring a full-page Pro-Life newspaper ad that will appear in several community newspapers in Ogle County. The ad will be printed in newspapers during the week of January 18 to support numerous other Pro-Life marches and activities at this time. These are scheduled to coincide with the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision on January 22, 1973.

The theme and headline of the newspaper ad is: “Each of us is a Masterpiece of God’s Creation.” This theme was originally inspired by Pope Francis. It has been fostered by the United States Council of Catholic Bishops and has been used extensively by American Pro-Life groups in recent months.

In keeping with the theme of the ad, developmental information is provided to show how a newly-conceived baby is not only a unique human being but how he or she quickly develops full adult characteristics. As early as 18 days from conception, the baby’s heart begins to beat with the baby’s own blood. By 28 days, a baby has eyes, ears and even a tongue. Those who argue that an unborn baby is just a “mass of cells,” do not know the facts.

Much of the bottom portion of the ad is given over to a list of names of those who support life. This list of more than 90 supporters includes many parishioners from St. Mary’s in Polo as well as several friends from other nearby communities.

Also included in the ad is information on Gianna’s House Pregnancy Resource Center. Located in Rock Falls, Gianna’s House is a Catholic center that offers free and confidential pregnancy tests, volunteer counseling and other assistance for those who are pregnant and seeking help.

Parish volunteers have been working on this project for several weeks. Parishioners were given an opportunity to show their support for life by putting their name into the ad.

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