A great way to help Stephenson County Right to Life/Pro-Life Corner raise funds!

We’re participating in a program to raise funds for our organization and it’s so easy! And best of all, it doesn’t cost you anything to help us but a moment of your time to set up your browser. You see, each time you use “” as your search engine we get paid. It’s only a penny a search, but pennies add up to dollars quickly when we all use the same search engine. And there’s more-on the Goodsearch site is a link to “Goodshop”. When you shop on line we can earn a percentage of your purchase. This is at no additional cost to you-I’ve checked that out myself. For example, if you shop on line at, they will donate a minimum of 1.5 % of the total purchase to Stephenson County Right to Life On the site you will find a list of participating stores and the amount they will donate to our organization. The list is long and varied and possibly you’re already shopping at some of these sites. So we’re sure you’ll find using Goodshop an easy experience and a great way to help us.

How to start using Goodsearch:

Getting on to Goodsearch is easy. First of all, type in That will bring up a screen asking who you’ll be searching for (what organization).
Type in Stephenson County Right to Life.

Then you will have instructions for getting goodsearch to load onto your toolbar or to add to your search box so you don’t have to type in our name every time you want to do a search.

There is also an option to make Goodsearch your homepage, but it is not necessary to do so. Choose one of the options and it will lead you to a page with prompts to download Goodsearch in the way you have chosen. From then on, it’s merely a matter of following the prompts. It’s easy and it will help us so much. Please consider using Goodsearch as your search engine and Goodshop to do your on line shopping. Every penny counts! By your using Goodsearch and Goodshop you will not only help keep our website going strong but you will also be supporting the many other activities in which we are involved. For example, the distribution of pro-life material, pro-life billboards, our pro-life booth at the county fair which we have had for the past 23 years, and maintenance of the Sanctity of Life Memorial.

Now every time you use Goodsearch and Goodshop you’ll be helping to protect the human right to life. You can even see how much you’ve helped us raise by clicking the “Amount raised” button at any time. Whatever that amount totals, we will be so grateful and we thank you for helping us.

We know some people do not order products on line, but still would like to help support us; those pro-life friends can donate to us by using the PayPal tab below or if you so desire you can send a check to:

Stephenson County Right to Life
PO Box 697
Freeport, IL. 61032

May God bless you for your support of our ongoing life saving efforts.

Alternatively, please download and print out the Donation Form below.