Pro-life: We Need to Hear This

Pro-life: We Need to Hear This – 10-14-2105 – We should all be aware of the 40 Days for Life Campaign by now, so it’s time to hear some of the events occurring across the country as the campaign prays to save God’s precious unborn babies.  We’ll start with this article we found on the “Courageous Priests” website.

Priest Delivers Stirring Speech at Planned Parenthood Site

The following is text of a speech delivered by Father William J. Kuchinsky at the 40 Days for Life candlelight vigil at the Planned Parenthood construction site in Washington, D.C. (This is the PP facility being built by a Catholic-owned construction company. Continue reading

40 days for Life Aurora and Beyond

 ProLifeCorner- Aurora Illinois- by Staff-  40 days for Life Aurora and Beyond-

It is time once again for the 40 days for life campaign. God hears our prayers no matter where we are located. At home, in church, no matter where we are at, however there is something special about offering your prayers at an abortion clinic where the babies are being sacrificed. Not only does our Lord pay special attention to your prayers but your presence at an abortion clinic can often give an abortion minded mother the moral strength that she needs in order to choose life. Continue reading

October Is Respect Life Month

October is Respect Life Month when pro-lifers make an extra effort to spread the pro-life message. In most cases, it is a single event at a parish, a Life Chain, a banquet, conference, baby bottle drive, 40 Days for Life etc. We commend these efforts but what happens once these events are over? In most cases, its dead silence until next year! Continue reading

Pro-lifers Needed In Madison

Rockford, Il – ( – 9-25-2012 – by James – Rockford Pro-Lifers Needed In Madison For 40 Days For LIFE!   We in Rockford have been greatly blessed by God with the closing of the abortion mill that killed children in our community for 25 years.  Our friends to the north are still praying and fighting for the lives of mothers and children – they need our help. Continue reading