The Kingdom of God Versus the Kingdom of Man

The Kingdom of God Versus the Kingdom of Man

ProLifeCorner- Frank Munda-

If we refuse to be ruled by God and his laws, then God will allow us to be ruled by tyrants.

It is very difficult not to think about the evil in the world today. My wife Chris and I have spent the better part of the last 30 years talking about the evils of abortion. 9/11 bought a new form of terrorism into all of our lives. Often when I write of abortion, promiscuity, apathy, and the selfishness of the world I sometimes feel like the little brother who is pointing a finger at a sibling and crying out what he or she is doing wrong. I’ve even been told that I’m good at pointing out the problem, followed by “how about giving us some solutions.”  In this article, once again, I will not be able to offer any solutions, but thanks to a recent homily by Pastor Timothy Barr we might have a better sense of direction. Continue reading

Planned Parenthood Dumps Babies in Landfill

Planned Parenthood Dumps Babies in Landfill – 11-18-2015 – by Annarae –

Planned Parenthood continues its reign of terror and its crimes against humanity, and now against the environment.

The crimes of  Planned Parenthood have now surpassed Adolf Hitler and his murderous regime.

What is worse ? Those who commit these crimes, or those who continue to support this murderous Corporation?

I say even worse than what Planned Parenthood is doing are the politicians, major corporations i.e. Starbucks etc. and our friends and neighbors who continue to militantly defend and support this corporate slaughterhouse. Continue reading

Some Good News: Five Abortion Clinics Shut Down

Some Good News: Five Abortion Clinics Shut Down

ProLifeCorner – 11-4-2015 – by Editor – Finally!   Some good news for a change.  Five-yes, that’s right, five-abortions clinics have shut down in the last five weeks.  How many babies will be saved because the butchers who destroy the lives of the unborn are now unable to use their death mills.  You will notice that the conditions is some of these clinics were filthy, as were the conditions at the now defunct NIWC in Rockford, Il.  Praise the Lord these places of horror are closed.  We need to continue our prayers that none of these mills will ever open again. Continue reading

The Consequences of Choice

The Consequences of Choice

ProLifeCorner-  By Larry Plachno

Larry-150x1[1]       This subject got started from a discussion concerning the love of God and love of neighbor admonishments of Jesus Christ. Those who have done the research find that basic Christian principles are reflected in the statistics surrounding social problems. In his divine wisdom, Jesus Christ was trying to teach us that judging our actions as good or evil and defining good as what is best for others and society is the way to make our society run well. The reports and statistics have shown that if we follow these basic rules of Jesus Christ, we all come out ahead.

But then the obvious question came up. If people accept “choice” instead of judging their actions as good or evil, and do what they want today instead of what is best for society tomorrow, are there negative consequences?

The answer is “yes.” There are obvious consequences for accepting “choice” today rather than judging our actions over the long haul. A simple example is that if kids were left on their own, many would avoid going to school and would eat candy and cookies instead of balanced meals. The obvious consequences of their choice will be that they will grow up uneducated and malnourished. These same types of consequences follow other “choice” decisions. Continue reading

Anti-life Terrorism Continues

Anti-life Terrorism Continues

ProLifeCorner – 11-1-15 – by Annarae – The attacks against pro-life citizens is nothing new nor are the vicious attacks against the Catholic Church.  But these attacks seem to be getting more frequent and more violent.  When will our law enforcement officials step up to the plate and start arresting and punishing this kind of attack?  We are supposedly guaranteed freedom of speech but it only seems to be allowed if you’re pro-abortion (pro-death).

‘Happy abortions’: Vandal attacks Catholic church with anti-life graffiti

Continue reading



Rockford, Il – 11-1-15 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – Many of you know and love our friend Sister Rosalia Bauer, F.S.P.A.  Sister spent countless years praying outside our now closed Rockford abortion mill. She always had words of encouragement and trust in our Lord to share with us.

Four years after the closing of the Rockford abortion mill Sister Rosalia is still defending the poor, mothers in need, children, and all those in danger from the culture of death in Wisconsin.  Continue reading

Pastor Warns: The United States becoming Like a Nazi Nation

Pastor Warns: The United States becoming Like a Nazi Nation

ProLifeCorner- by Frank Munda- 10-25-2015 – Pastor Timothy Barr warns us that we are becoming like a Nazi nation.

With modern communications I believe it would be almost impossible for someone not to be aware of the atrocities against mankind perpetrated by the heartless, barbaric, corrupt, and inhumane corporation called Planned Parenthood.

How many times have you heard, or possibly even said yourself, where was the church in Nazi Germany? Where was the church in defending the Jews and the millions of non-Jews led to slaughter in the Nazi concentration camps? It is an historical fact that those who spoke out against the Nazis and their crimes against humanity ended up in the concentration camps, just like the Jewish people did. Heed my warning.  Years from now someone will be asking you, what did you do to stop the slaughter of the over 56 million babies in the United States since 1973? What did you do to stop the government sponsored slaughter of these babies? What did you do to stop the government sponsored euthanizing of the elderly and infirm, the poor and unwanted through government sponsored healthcare? What did you do to defund this hideous, sadistic, Hitler like corporation called Planned Parenthood? What did you do to remove corrupt politicians, who accept millions of dollars in campaign funds thereby buying their political support for Planned Parenthood?. What will your excuse be? I did not know?  That excuse will not stand up before God or before man.

This generation will be held accountable for its apathy and what it fails to do to stop these crimes against all of mankind.

I will try to summarize some of the thoughts of Pastor’s sermon in my own words . He tells us don’t be silent; our silence is saying it is okay to kill a baby in the womb. We as a society need to stand up. Why did Hitler get away with what he did?  Because good people remained silent. Don’t be silent, educate yourself on this issue.  Abortion on demand hurts women; it treats them like an object to the point that now the rate of rape is on the rise. We need to stand up for the dignity of women and the dignity of babies. America needs to rise up before we become another Nazi society, if we are not there already. Continue reading

Here are Some Articles That Will Keep You Up to Date

Here are Some Articles That Will Keep You Up to Date -10-17-2015 – by Staff – One of our favorite sites for pro-life news is  We’re including a link to their site because they have so many good articles today that we cannot put all of them on our blog.  Please take the time to go to the link and read some of the articles. To give you a sample of some of the subjects:

Planned Parenthood turns 99 years old and has killed 7 million unborn babies.

The demonic look of an abortionist seen by the young man who exposed the sale of body parts by PP.

The FBI busts an illegal abortionist who learned the procedure on line.

Hillary Clinton celebrates Planned Parenthood’s 99 years and hopes for another 99 years.

As you can see, you’ll have a lot of reading to do and  you will learn so much.  That’s why we love

Planned Parenthood Turns 99 Today: Has Killed 7 Million Babies in Abortions Planned Parenthood, the nation’s biggest abortion business, is celebrating its 99th birthday today and the abortion giant has done over 7 million abortions since Roe v. Wade, more than any other abortion company. Jim Sedlak of American Life League says the abortion giant has built itself on Margaret Sanger’s racist philosophies. Continue reading

Planned Parenthood Protest This Saturday in Aurora, IL.

Planned Parenthood is on the Ropes

ProLifeCorner- Rockford-   A reminder from Eric Scheidler of the Pro-life Action League. There’ll be a protest against the mega Corporation Planned Parenthood in 290+ locations nationwide. For northern Illinois that will be at Planned Parenthood Aurora Health Center 3051 E New York Street, Aurora, IL 60504. See link below for information and map location for the Aurora killing center.

Congress held another hearing on the nation’s largest abortion chain yesterday, and the effort to revoke their massive government subsidy is continuing as well.

Meanwhile, a federal judge in San Francisco just ruled that Congress can have access to ALL of the Center for Medical Progress videos — even those the abortion industry has sued to keep out of the public eye! Continue reading

A Fetus is Not Just ‘Blobs of Tissue’

A fetus is not just ‘blobs of tissue’

ProLifeCorner-   Loves Park IL.- By Vicki Johnson-

An article in the Sept. 17 paper reported on the ongoing atrocities of Planned Parenthood, doing abortions and selling-off the fetal body parts, that have been shown in the flesh in 10 different undercover videos done by a pro-life group. The article uses the words “fetal cells” three times, and “fetal tissue” seven times. These are nice, medical, inoffensive terms that lend themselves well to the pro-abortion narrative — that what is being aborted is only a “blob of tissue.”

Let’s be accurate. Nowhere do the Planned Parenthood officials simply say fetal cells. What is shown on the videos, is that Planned Parenthood is selling arms, legs, brains, livers, hearts, eyeballs and head — human body parts.

Although an unborn baby, once it is killed, doesn’t really care what you do with its brain, her death is the real abomination. What upsets Planned Parenthood and their pro-abortion supporters is that the actual body parts makes the baby killed more human.

There aren’t too many “blobs of tissue” with arms, legs and beating hearts. The injustice is the killing, not selling body parts. But these videos are righteous. America will not turn against abortion until America sees abortion. Continue reading