Abortion, Politics and the Slippery Slope

Abortion, Politics and the Slippery Slope

ProLifeCorner-     By Larry Plachno

Larry-150x1 blueMany people may ask whether there is an obvious connection between abortion, politics and the slippery slope. The demographers and researchers will tell you that there is a very obvious connection. Moreover, this connection explains why our society is falling apart.

Our Polarized Society

Those who have been keeping up with research, or even just reading the news, are aware that our society has become increasingly polarized. A poll by a well-known company in late April of 2016 showed that only 26 percent of Americans feel that the United States is heading in the right direction. An earlier poll of likely voters in February of 2016 disclosed that 81 percent of the respondents felt that the Federal Government is corrupt.

Another poll in April of 2016 showed that nearly 30 percent of Americans felt that the political parties were out of step with the voters. This is increasingly obvious as the presidential election campaign unfolds. On the conservative side, the two candidates with the most support were both mavericks who did not follow traditional politics. Even the liberals have a second candidate who is getting support as an unconventional politician. Much of this reflects the fact that our society has become increasingly polarized in recent decades.                Continue reading

Abortion is the Battle, But Choice is the War

ProLifeCorner.com-  by Larry Plachno-  A brief introduction to interconnected social problems. There recently were some arguments in the Pro-Life community when one Pro-Life Group accused another of doing work in an area outside of Pro-Life – in this case traditional marriage. I work with several groups in numerous areas including Pro-Life, traditional marriage, promoting the family, and eliminating social problems. What many of them have in common is an inability to look beyond their own areas . . . or as the saying goes, to see the forest for the trees. Or to see what is known as “the big picture.” Continue reading