Archbishop Chaput on the Gosnell Trial

PHILADELPHIA, April 29, 2013 “The real story in the Gosnell trial is bigger than the ugly allegations against Gosnell himself” Here is Archbishop Charles Chaput’s latest column in the Catholic Philly, published Friday. The archbishop of Philadelphia addresses the murder trial of an abortion doctor who practiced in Philadelphia. Some stories, no matter how unsettling, just can’t be ignored — even when some people are determined to look away. Continue reading

Rekindling the Fire of Holiness

Archbishop Chaput Writes on the Call To Martyrdom By Archbishop Charles J. Chaput Archbishop of Philadelphia.
PHILADELPHIA, NOV. 23, 2012 (Zenit org) – The Church has many good reasons why people should believe in God, believe in Jesus Christ and believe in the beauty and urgency of her own mission. But she has only one irrefutable argument for the truth of what she teaches – the personal example of her saints. Continue reading