Would Planned Parenthood have Aborted Jesus?

Pro-Life Action League Christmas Caroling Offers Hope to Mothers of Unborn Babies

ProLifeCorner.com-   (December 17, 2013 – Chicago) What would Christmas be without the Baby Jesus? What will Christmas be like this year in all those homes with missing babies—all the babies who would have experienced their first Christmas this year? Continue reading

Fall in Love With the Baby Jesus

ProLifeCorner.com- From My Pastor: Christmas is almost here! Historically speaking, in about 24 hours Mary would have started her labor. When labor begins, the reality of the coming of a brand new bouncing baby can really hit you. That is when you see “first time fathers” doing the silliest things in their excitement and nervousness. Continue reading

Think About This.

The All Powerful Baby Jesus! The all-powerful Creator of the world could not walk, talk, or roll over. The second Person of the blessed Trinity talked baby-talk, wet His diapers, and spit out His food. Almighty God weighed just a few pounds, shivered, cried, and nursed at His mother’s breast. Continue reading