Stewardship Time, Talent, and Treasure

Stewardship Time, Talent, and Treasure

ProLifeCorner-  Sun Sept 27 2015-   “See what you have stored up for yourselves against the last days.”

            Today, in light of the 2nd reading from the Apostle, St. James, I’m going to talk about time, talent and treasure, each briefly and separately.


It happens in every parish: The pastor has a new project in mind — a religious education program for teenagers, a Thanksgiving dinner for the poor, or a food and clothing collection for the local shelter. The pastor then approaches parishioners to help out. It’s a tough sell: People are very protective of their time, they’re not sure this is something they want to do or are comfortable being involved with, or they doubt they have the abilities and patience necessary for this kind of work. But, eventually, a group of volunteers — however reluctant — comes together. Continue reading

Catholic priests in military face arrest for celebrating Mass – 10-7-2013 – by Staff –  Following is an article on that should chill the blood of all Christians because it is a blatant attack on our religious freedom.  First we have had to fight the government controlled health care program, (Obamacare) because of our being forced to pay for abortions.  Now we are seeing how one freedom threatened is leading to other freedoms being threatened.  If Catholic priests are facing arrest for celebrating Mass or Baptisms, when will Protestant pastors be forced to endure the same treatment?  Are other faiths, Judaism or Islam, being subjected to this attack on religious freedoms?  Please read this article and share it with as many as you can. Continue reading