NYT: “Go Easy on Child Abusers”

New York- June 26, 2013- ProLifeCorner.com-  Bill Donohue comments on the New York Times’ reaction to a TV ad calling out the New York City public schools for coddling accused sexual predators:
In today’s New York Times, there is an analysis of former CNN anchor Campbell Brown’s new group, Parents’ Transparency Project, that was established to root out public school employees guilty of sexual misconduct. This is what it says about the ad: Continue reading


Bill Donohue comments as follows: November 5, 2012 M. Alex Johnson of NBC News and the editorial board of the Los Angeles Times are quite upset with the pro-Romney clergy, yet they have absolutely nothing to say about the pro-Obama clergy.
Consider the facts. The Pew Research Center released its findings on this subject last week: Continue reading