CRS Responds To Another Scandal – 2-23-2013 – by Staff – Below is Catholic Relief Services (CRS) response to information that they have been knowingly funding pro-abortion groups in Mexico.  The CRS statement does not address the disappointing news that CRS has not responded to media and donor request for information on other organizations they may be funding and how much money they have given to all of the organizations in question. Continue reading

Can Catholics In Good Standing Murder Babies?

Rockford, IL – ( – 1-24-2013 – Below is an article from Dr. Ed Peters. Dr. Peters is a respected Canon lawyer who believes Catholics who support abortion should not be excommunicated. We have placed our commentary in blood red. Continue reading

Does The National Catholic Reporter Really Poison Minds?

Rockford, Il – ( – 12-8-2012 – by James – The National Catholic Reporter newspaper and web-site have for decades questioned, distorted, and rejected many teaching of the Catholic Church.  What if any effect does the NCR dissent from church teaching have on people who read their publication? Continue reading

Bishops Correct Biden’s Lie About HHS Mandate

Rockford, Il – ( – 10-12-2012 – Last night the vice-presidential debate was held.  As the world already knows, Mr. Ryan conducted himself in a gentlemanly fashion in spite of the fact he was interrupted over 31 times by the moderator and over 80 times by Joe Biden.  Biden’s erroneous statements concerning Catholic teachings and the HHS mandate drew a quick response from the Catholic Bishops.  Continue reading