Gold Covered Sepulchers Filled With Dead Babies Bones

Dome 300xGold Covered Sepulchers Filled With Dead Babies Bones

ProLifeCorner – 3-12-2016 – by Editor – For years we have seen the scandalous stories of American Catholic Universities promoting and honoring our political and cultural elites who are responsible for the mass murder of children by abortion.

This year two of the most prominent Catholic universities in America have both taken the promotion of the culture of death to new lows.

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An Open Letter To Cardinal Donald Wurel

ProLifeCorner – 12-16-2015 – by Editor –  UPDATED 12 17 2015 –  We recently received a request to publish an open letter from the Rockford Pro-Life Initiative to Cardinal Wurel.  Following is the letter that was sent with a link to further information concerning this incident. Continue reading