CCHD: 2016 It’s That Time of Year Again

CCHD: 2016 It’s That Time of Year Again

ProLifeCorner-1-13-2016 – Frank Munda

There is no denying that the Catholic Church in America is very generous with its financial support for the needy all throughout the world. We are starting the New Year and all across this country parishes will have their annual financial campaign for charity. Depending on the diocese, the names of these campaigns will vary. Sadly the one common denominator is many of these campaigns will include money for the Campaign for Human Development (CCHD). Often The CCHD supports some organizations that are less than Christian and many of its tenets are to the point of being anti-Christian i.e. pro-abortion etc..

We are resubmitting here some articles that have been published previously over the years and which are still pertinent today. Unfortunately, to my knowledge many of the parishes continue to support CCHD and other radical groups. Continue reading

Pope Joins March For Life By Frank Munda-  All of us at the ProLifeCorner would like to wish all mothers out there a joyous and happy Mother’s Day.  We can think of no vocation on Earth that is more important and more beautiful than that of being a Mother.

Those of you who have been involved in the pro-life movement for many years can appreciate the joy and excitement that was felt when Pope Francis showed up at a pro-life march today.  Those of you who have labored to promote the culture of life by praying at your local abortion mill can appreciate this thought.  Can you imagine praying at one of the many Planned Parenthood killing centers in America, looking over to your side and seeing your local Bishop or Cardinal praying beside you?  Oh how that would lift your heart; your spirit would soar with the eagles.  Continue reading